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We are committed to developing a select team of people who have been steeped in "the work" of self-knowing, and who are committed to the vision of Enneagram Prison Project:  freeing people all over the world from the prisons of our own making.  EPP is a diverse group, drawn to one another across lines of geography, race, age, gender and religion who work together in order to realize our mission.  We are interested in learning about who you are and want to invite you to share who you have come to know yourself to be in a meaningful way.  We invite you to take your time with this application process and thank you for expressing the desire to be an EPP Correspondent.



Please provide the name and contact info of one authorized teacher or facilitator who can vouch for your work and current standing.


Please write a thoughtful, candid three-part introduction of yourself, guided by the questions below.  All information, written and verbal, will be held in confidence.

Part I | Your Enneagram Personality Profile
Please write a personal piece about your Enneagram Personality Type, responding to as much of the following as possible:

  • What is your Dominant Enneagram Personality Type and Wing?  When and how did you determine your type and how confident are you of this assessment?
  • Describe how you generally experience your Dominant Type in terms of type-related motivation behavior and worldview.
  • Where do you feel you are psychologically and developmentally in terms of your expression of your Dominant Enneagram type?
  • Alternatively - if you're familiar with this model - in what range do you generally find yourself operation within the Riso-Hudson Levels of Development?
  • How do you experience and relate to your dynamic patterns of movement in the Directions of Integration and Stress/Adaptation?  How do they generally manifest in your life?
  • What other Enneagram type(s), if any, have you or significant others in your life thought or suggested you might be and why?
  • How would you distinguish the motivation, behavior and personality traits of your Dominant Type for those of the other personality type(s0 that you and/or others have thought applied to you?
  • What are you own most valued personal type-related strengths, gifts, assets and qualities of character?
  • What are your greatest current type-related challenges?
  • Where do you see yourself in terms of being an EPP Correspondent at this time next year?  In two-to-five years?
  • In what ways will your Personality Type orientation and strengths inform and contribute to your skill and success as an EPP Correspondent?
  • Which Enneagram types, if any, do you feel you are least familiar/comfortable with?

Part II | Orientation to "The Work"
Please share with us how and why you want to become an EPP Correspondent - and why you are applying at this time.  What does it mean to you?

  • What do you hope to learn, understand, discover, affirm, contribute, practice, take away and generally experience by becoming an EPP Correspondent?
  • What is your current job or profession?  What purpose and meaning does it hold for you?
  • What other significant jobs or professions have you previously had?
  • What are your most meaningful hobbies, interests and modes of creative expression?
  • What is your primary vocation/calling/interest and passion in life?
  • What has given your life meaning?
  • In what ways will your work history, vocational experience and interests inform and contribute to your skill and success as an EPP Correspondent?

Part III | Your Experience, Training and Life Practices

Please write a personal piece about your Enneagram experience, training and life practices by responding to as much of the following as possible:

  • How have you, in the past, and how do you, currently, use the Enneagram in your life and in your work?  Are you an executive coach, life coach, consultant, spiritual director?  Do you work with clients or teach the Enneagram?  Please elaborate.
  • What other inner work/personal psychotherapy/formal psycho-spiritual study and work have you done?  When, where and with whom did you study or work and for how long?
  • Please tell us something about your current inner work processes and your regular spiritual practices, including reading, attending services or retreats, meditation, inquiry, prayer, etc.  How strong, consistent and effective are these processes and practices in your life?
  • What psychological or spiritual systems, philosophies and approaches have you found to be most congruent with your personal objectives, values and worldview?  What approaches have worked less well for you and why?
  • What personal issues and areas have you been focusing on in the past few years and what particular challenges, progress and resolutions have you experienced?
  • What are the primary areas of challenge, conflict, growth and development - personally, professionally and within significant relationships - on which you're currently focused?
  • What would you say is your current growth edge?
  • If you had a "Life Motto" that best reflects your journey, what would it be?
  • What personal wisdom do you hope to pass on to others?
  • In what ways will your unique wisdom and experience inform and contribute to your skill and success as an EPP Correspondent.?

Completed Application Checklist:

We stand by our commitment to support our incarcerated students with a well-trained team of self-aware, dynamic and deeply compassionate people.  We are excited by and looking forward to embarking on this next phase of EPP's evolution with those contributors who can help us to realize our vision of freeing people - all over the world - from the prisons of our own making.
Thank you for your desire to support this effort.

- The EPP Team