Enter your business in the 2019 Style Pose Click FIND A PHOTOGRAPHER AWARDS! Nominations will open from June 10th to June 30th 2019. Photographers may choose to enter a written submission for up to six categories including client experience, community, creativity, marketing, philanthropy and studio design. Written submissions must be no more than 1000 words in length + other supporting evidence. Category finalists will be announced in early July 2019 with winners presented on stage at Style Pose Click Melbourne 2019 on July 20th from 6pm - 8pm. Finalists may be contacted for a phone or Skype interview. 


OPTIONAL: Upload a maximum of 2 photographic images (professional client work, behind the scenes or candid) that may be used for promotional purposes. These images can be watermarked if you wish. You must own copyright for these images. By uploading them to our awards program, you are agreeing to provide us with copyright approval for promotional use during our awards campaign only.

Purchase a ticket to our awards presentation event at Style Pose Click Melbourne July 20th 2019 at Coburg Town Hall. Full day event passes are available for $60 from 2pm - 8pm with various inclusions or Shoppers / Awards entry passes are $30 with entry from 6pm - 8pm only.
Please ensure that you have read the terms & conditions document before entering the Find A Photographer Australia awards. By selecting the check box below, you are agreeing to the terms & conditions of this competition.

nb: It can take some time to upload images and files. Please be patient.