MS MS Donation Tin Hosting Request Form

Thanks for your interest in fundraising for MS – we can’t wait to get you set up and going!

This form is for individuals or organisations requesting to host an MS donation tin at their premises (ie. on a counter, in reception) for a period of at least 6 months or until the tin is full.

In order to authorise you as a donation tin host we will need both the postal address of yourself (the tin host) and the street address of the venue in which the tin will be housed. You are able to request up to 6 tins per venue.

To request tins for additional venues you will need a complete a separate Donation Tin Hosting Request Form.

Once you have submitted this Donation Tin Request form a member of the team will make contact with you to discuss your fundraising goals, confirm you are officially registered as an MS Donation Tin host and determine how many tins we can offer you to make sure you have a fantastic time fundraising for MS!


 If you need help with this form, please contact or call 1300 733 690.
Personal Details of individual requesting tin

This organisation will be named on your MS Authority to Fundraise letter.
Street Address

Postal Address

Donation allocation information


I accept the terms and conditions of the MS Community Fundraising Guidelines. I agree to conduct my event/activity/project in accordance with those terms and conditions and in a manner that upholds the integrity of MS Plus.

I acknowledge having read and I agree to abide by the fundraising rules and Guidelines of MS Plus and indemnify MS Plus from and against any claim for injuries or damage arising at or from the project/event that is the subject of this application.

I understand and agree that all publicity for the proposed event must be approved by MS Plus prior to being released and printed.