MYAC FA White LogoConfidential Financial Aid Form

Due:  August 1 (or June 1 if you are applying for MYAC's Summer Program)

Note:  Your application is not complete without a copy of your signed Form 1040 for the last year you filed taxes with all relevant schedules and supporting documents so we can verify key financial information.  Be advised that applications will not be processed until we have all of your information.
Student Information

*Use Form 1040 Line 10 (Taxable Income). You can qualify for up to 50% tuition based on your income. 


Monthly Expenses (divide any annual totals by 12 to calculate monthly expense, please be as specific and accurate as you can be)

Please do not include instrument purchases or private or home-school expenses.

NOTE: Financial Aid Applications for the 2020-2021 fiscal year are processed the first week of August. ONLY COMPLETE FILES ARE CONSIDERED. Available financial assistance is reduced 10% each month after August unless a change of circumstances occurs. Should circumstances change during the year, applications are also accepted. Upon approval of eligibility for financial aid, we will prepare or revise your tuition invoice to reflect the award. The portion of tuition not funded by the MYAC Financial Aid Program is the responsibility of the recipient’s parents or legal guardians and must be paid according to normal tuition payment policies. Please contact the MYAC office if you have any questions.  Thank you for your cooperation!