School Of Rock - The Musical, Songwriting Competition



This can be a high quality mp3 - file size limit is 20MB.
Accetable formats are mp3 or m4a. Please make sure your file has one of these suffixes and NAME your file as per TITLE of your song. Please test the actual file before uploading it ensure it plays.

School Contacts

School Street Address

Teacher Contact for School Entry Authorisation

As this is a school competition, we require the name and email address of the Principal/Dean or HOD Music or English teacher to confirm your entry. They will receive an email to reply to which will complete the entry process. 

Songwriter Entering Song


Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Entry: School of Rock - The Musical, Songwriting Competition

1. The Writer (composer & lyricist) must be:

a) Resident in New Zealand or New Zealand citizen
b) At school years 7 - 13.
c) Attend school at least 16 hours a week.

2. The work must be an original popular song. It must NOT be an arrangement or adaptation of a traditional non-copyright work or any other original work.  

3. Entries. The following will be required:

a)  Completion of an official entry form
b) An uploaded mp3 or the m4a of the work nominated
c) A lyric sheet

a) b) and c) must be received by Play It Strange no later than Monday 29th July 2019.

General Conditions:
a) Only ONE song may be submitted on an official entry form by ONE writer only and must comply with conditions 1 and 2.

b) The song and the recording of the song can be performed and played by anyone as long as it is on a non-professional basis. It is not necessary for the writer to feature on the recording.
c) All decisions of the judges will be binding on Play It Strange and the entrants.
d) Play It Strange shall have the right to interpret the above conditions and to determine all issues arising out of this contest. Any such interpretations and determinations shall be final.
e) Unless specifically requested the copies of the entry recordings and lyrics will be retained by Play It Strange.
f) The entrant shall grant permission for replication, mechanical reproduction, broadcast, internet streaming and downloading and communication of the recording of the song to the public.

g) The winner allows GWB Entertainment & Auckland Live to have full access to video and record the performance of the winning song performed by the School Of Rock band. This includes broadcast rights on marketing and media channels, Auckland Live digital and social media channels, Auckland Live Digital Screen and any other channels to promote the School Of Rock - the Musical.
h)  Play It Strange will have the right to print the name and likeness of any entrant in publicity in respect of the competition and all matter incidental thereto.
i) The entrant agrees to be bound by Play It Strange’s entry procedures, rules and regulations established in this entry form. The judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

(j) Travel and accommodation will be provided for the winner of the competition plus one other person to

attend the show at the Civic Theatre, Wednesday 11th September, if from outside the Auckland region and at the discretion of the organisers.

(k) The winner of the competition must be accompanied by a legal guardian for the Event Day at the Civic Theatre on Wednesday 11th September 2019 and is required to be compliant with Auckand Live's health and safety policy and procedures.

Please Note
An entry number will be emailed to your Teachers contact. Your teacher will need to REPLY to the email for your entry to be complete. Form submission may take a few minutes while files upload. If you have problems 
please try again or email us at