100Kin10 Workshops in New York City on Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thursday, September 19, 2019


New York Academy of Sciences, 7 World Trade Center, 40th Floor

Entrance at 250 Greenwich Street

On September 19, 100Kin10 will host three distinct workshops for 100Kin10 partners, Teacher Forum members, and interested guests and allies to get involved in making progress on a specific issue underlying the STEM teacher shortage.

Attendees will choose one workshop:

  • Foundational Math: Enabling Authentic & Joyful Math Teaching for all Elementary Students
  • Work Environment: Nurturing Positive Work Environment for Teachers
  • Rural STEM Teaching: Supporting Geographically Isolated STEM Teachers
During the workshop, attendees will:
  • Set a vision for how our network can work smarter, together -- rather than reinventing the wheel
  • Build relationships with future friends and collaborators
  • Determine how to make progress on the issue in their own work and/or as a part of the network

Group #1:
Foundational Math
Research shows that a strong grasp of math concepts at an early age is a major predictor of success later in school and in life. Math is foundational not only to increasing access to STEM for all students, but also to increasing the number of people able to contribute to the STEM workforce, especially those historically underrepresented. This effort is addressing one of the highest-leverage catalyst challenges: Teacher prep faculty who have expertise specifically in elementary STEM education.

This summer, the Foundational Math Brain Trust is engaging in research around the question: How might we equip elementary (PreK-5th grade) teachers to enable authentic and joyful math learning for all students? This research includes an analysis of the issues underlying the lack of foundational math proficiency, high-quality models poised for additional learning and adaptation, and places where the field needs to generate more or new research and solutions. This research will become public by the end of the summer, and will be shared at the workshop.

Group #2: Work Environment
Too often we fall victim to the misimpression that schools must choose either student learning or teacher learning, when in fact student learning and teacher learning are interwoven and mutually reinforcing. When teachers flourish as professionals in schools, they leave the classroom far less frequently and have significantly higher satisfaction. As a result, teacher instruction is stronger, students learn more, and our next generation is more prepared and inspired to pursue the education, careers, and lives of their choice. This effort is addressing three of the highest-leverage catalyst challenges: school leaders’ responsibility for creating positive work environments, and time for teachers to collaborate and participate in PD during the school day.

Last summer, the Work Environment Brain Trust developed research that fueled Teachers at Work, a report on opportunities to collaboratively improve school work environments, which activated an action-planning workshop. From that action plan, nearly 30 partners, teachers, and allies stepped up to join 100Kin10 Project Teams related to improved school work environments. At this workshop, attendees will review and build on progress made on this issue.

Group #3: Rural STEM Teaching
Ten of the top 14 fastest-growing industries require STEM training. Yet our workforce lacks the skills to participate in this opportunity economy, a challenge acutely felt in rural America. We know that in order to prepare future generations to succeed in this rapidly evolving economy, we must invest in STEM teachers, who will teach our children to be critical and creative thinkers, designers, builders, and scientists. This effort is addressing two challenges uniquely impacting rural communities: opportunities for teachers in rural communities to access STEM instructional support and pre-service training for STEM teachers around unique challenges in rural areas.

This group strives to provide support and facilitate knowledge exchange for STEM teaching and learning in rural communities. At this workshop, attendees will build on conversations held earlier this year at our 2019 Summit and via virtual sessions.

Registration closes on August 27. Register soon, as space is limited.

Questions? Please contact community@100Kin10.org.


If you have multiple dietary restrictions or other allergies, please select "other" and describe.


These workshops will be happening concurrently, and each will be designed as a complete, full day. There will be opportunities to briefly connect with all attendees, but for the majority of the time you will stick with your group in order to best support the relationships, trust, and shared action planning needed for our work on each distinct issue.

After registering, we’ll send you more information on how to book with our suggested hotel, recommended travel, how to apply for need-based travel support, workshop goals and agenda, and other important updates as we get closer to September 19.