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PeerCorps High: Pittsburgh 2020-2021

PeerCorps High welcomes 9th - 12th graders who are passionate about creating a better world through service, social justice, and Jewish leadership. Participants commit to a year of programming that includes weekly activities (either in person or virtual, depending on our ability to gather!). These weekly sessions include deep learning about justice and local issues, leadership development, and meaningful volunteering to support our community during this difficult time of a global pandemic. 

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Understanding the Mentor Time Commitment
The Mentor program requires a weekly commitment over the course of the school year. The program begins on September 9th and meets weekly through the end of May. There will be winter and spring breaks to align with the academic year.

Mentor Application Questions
As part of this application, we want to begin to get to know you: your story, your interests, and what brings you to this program. With that in mind, please answer each of the below questions with a paragraph.

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