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PeerCorps High: Pittsburgh 2022

PeerCorps is Repair’s teen service-learning program. It combines service with contextual issues, reflection, and Jewish learning. PeerCorps enables Jewish middle and high schoolers of all backgrounds to build relationships with one another and engage in community-based service and learning in Pittsburgh.

This spring (January through May), PeerCorps teens will explore issues related to food justice, LGBTQ+ justice, racial justice and more, and they will engage in service with partner organizations leading this work locally.

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High School PeerCorps sessions will take place one Wednesday afternoon each month (learning session, 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm) and two Sundays each month (service projects, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm). Learning sessions will be hosted virtually via Zoom. Service projects will be hosted along with PeerCorps middle schoolers and will either be virtual or outdoors and in-person, depending on the project.

JANUARY: Introduction & MLK Day Week

  • Wednesday, 01/12/2022: PeerCorps 101 Learning Session
  • Sunday, 01/17/2022: PeerCorps MLK Day Service Project (Optional)

FEBRUARY: Racial Justice

  • Wednesday, 02/02/2022: High School Learning Session
  • Sunday, 02/20/2022: PeerCorps Service Project
  • Sunday, 02/27/2022: Open Teen Service Project


  • Wednesday, 03/02/2022: High School Learning Session
  • Sunday, 03/20/2022: PeerCorps Service Project
  • Sunday, 03/27/2022: PeerCorps Open Teen Service Project

APRIL: Food Justice 

  • Wednesday, 04/06/2022: High School Learning Session
  • Sunday, 04/17/2022: PeerCorps Open Teen Service Project

MAY: Final Presentations 

  • Wednesday, 05/04/2022: HS Final Presentation Prep
  • Wednesday, 05/11/2022: MS Final Presentation Prep
  • Sunday, 05/15/2022: Joint Final Presentation Practice
  • Sunday, 05/22/2022: End of Semester Public Presentation!

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