OEI-Managed Cubicle and Workspace Request Form 

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About your team 

Please list all Cornell employees/students who you would like to bring into the space 

Please list all non-Cornell team members who you would like to bring into the space

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About your schedule
When would you like to use this space? Workspaces are generally available weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. TO book space outside these hours, contact Sarah Hazlitt. (To add multiple days select "Add another response") 

Thank you for your interest in using the OEI managed NYC office space. After submission, a member of the OEI staff will reach out to you regarding your request. 
Contact Information:

Sarah Hazlitt



Before submitting your request, please review the following exceptions for using the space: 

The Engaged Cornell workspace is located within the ILR conferencing center. Therefore, all of the

policies laid out in Cornell’s Campus Code of Conduct must be followed, as well the following guidelines for sharing ILR’s space.


Visitors should:

  • Speak in a quiet voice so as not to disrupt the workspace and colleagues.
  • Avoid monopolizing specific workstations. If it is observed that visitors are leaving personal items on a desk for longer than the scheduled visit time, the materials will be removed.
  • Keep personal items in your briefcases, backpacks, or bags instead of on/in desks.
  • Eat lunch in the employee lounge and not in desk spaces.
  • Avoid leaving confidential documents on desks - use meeting rooms and phone booths for confidential calls and meetings.
  • Do not remove furniture from meeting/conference/focus rooms

Non-Cornell business should not be conducted at 570 Lex. Non-Cornell entities who have access to the spaces should restrict its use to Cornell-connected work.


Service animals are welcome in the space as long as they are clearly identified as such.


Special permission is required if anyone under the age of 18 enters the space.