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Today’s college student has changed; they’re now 74% post-traditional - older than 24, working 30+ hours, or caring for a dependent - but only 16% ever graduate. This means 45 million Americans started college but have not yet earned a degree. These students need an option that’s flexible and supportive, but the traditional higher education system wasn’t designed to meet their needs.

At PelotonU, we redesigned the college experience to ensure it’s built for ALL of today’s students by combining high quality, self-paced online education with relational support. We spent the past seven years proving the model; now, we’re launching an innovation lab to both test new iterations of our model and grow the national community of practitioners. We will serve 4,000 students by 2021 - 3,500 through new organizations we help start, and 500 through our work in Austin. 

That’s where you come in. As our first Chief of Staff, you’ll lead our team from nimble start-up to strategic, focused non-profit. While we double in size over two years, you’ll think about the big picture, shepherd projects that overlap across programs, and see obstacles around the corner before we get there. You’ll start by working with the COO on logistics and execution and grow into leading Austin strategy. Responsibilities include managing special projects, optimizing and running operations, and coordinating hiring and talent development. 

You are a leader who can oversee both strategy and implementation.You’re focused on the right things but can also roll with the punches. You’ve managed teams and projects, are happiest with numbers and data, and think booking travel for someone is an act of service. You always look for ways to improve -  be it yourself, a student survey, or an internal system. Your organizational systems are the envy of your colleagues. Sound like you? Apply below!