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Banfield Foundation

1.    Program Background and Description

Banfield Foundation regularly receives requests from Banfield associates in search of help to cover costs related to a volunteer trip where they are providing veterinary care to populations of pets in need.  The associate is not only required to use their PTO to provide volunteer work but they are also required to cover the basic cost including transportation to/from the destination and in some cases, meals/lodging during the volunteer event. Although we are not in a position to help cover PTO for associates, we believe we can help relieve the financial burden by reimbursing reasonable travel expenses when incurred in order to volunteer time and talents to areas of great need opening up opportunities for associates who may not have been in a position to help in the past.

2.    Program Scope

The Travel Assistance Grant will reimburse associate’s reasonable travel expenses incurred in while volunteering and providing veterinary care to animals in need up to a maximum of $3,000.  The amount of the grant awarded will be determined based on location and duration of the volunteer opportunity.

3.    Eligibility

In order to qualify for this grant, the following eligibility requirement must be met:

·         Applicants must be US based associates of Banfield Pet Hospital.

·         Associates must be approved for the volunteer trip by the hosting 501(c)(3) charity in order to be considered for funding from the Banfield Foundation.

·         Applicants must be veterinarians or veterinary technicians volunteering to deliver medical care, education or other skilled labor to a population of animals in need.  

The following is a list of the types of expenses that will be eligible for reimbursement.  This list is not definitive and the Travel Assistance Reimbursement Guidelines document should be referenced for additional information.  


·         Airfare

·         Accommodation

·         Mileage

·         Meals

4.    What is not covered

The following are not reimbursable through this program and recipients will be personally responsible for:

·         Spouse/Domestic Partner travel

·         Entertainment

·         Babysitting/adult care charges/pet boarding

·         Parking tickets/traffic fines

·         Cost of immunizations required for travel

Additional information can also be found in the Travel Assistance Reimbursement Guidelines document.

5. Application and Reimbursement Procedures

Applicants are required to submit an online application for approval before incurring any expenses.  Once the application has been received it will be reviewed and if approved that applicant will be notified of the amount awarded. The awarded amount will be based off of IRS per diem guidelines for the geographic region where the volunteer event/trip is taking place. Once approval has been granted the applicant will be free to arrange travel. Any travel expenses over the award amount will be incurred at the applicant’s expense. Upon approval the applicant will be provided an award letter with grant number; Travel Assistance Reimbursement Guidelines document and an expense voucher. The following information will be needed to complete the application:

·         Completed application form

·         Evidence of approval for volunteer trip with hosting 501(c)(3) charity organization


Reimbursement requests should be submitted together after the event and by the 5th day of the month following. The following should be adhered to when completing the reimbursement request


·         Should be submitted no later than 5 days after the end of the month the event occurred.

·         Receipts should be accompanied by a signed expense voucher which includes the name of the associate, names of any additional travelers, date, name and location of the volunteer event and the grant award number given when the application was approved.

·         Receipts should be originals and itemized.


Please refer to the Travel Assistance Reimbursement Guidelines document for additional guidelines and documentation requirements.

Associate Information

Travel Information

Banfield Foundation
Program Information

Program Narrative

Volunteer Information

Banfield Foundation
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Attachments needed:

  1. ·         Evidence of approval for volunteer trip with hosting 501(c)(3) charity organization

  2. ·         Signed release form

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