Please note that we are still working on training opportunities for alpine skiing.  We will email you with a schedule once details are finalized.

Registration Due: December 16, 2019

In order to complete this registration, you will need to have the following information:

  • All coaches' first and last name, email address and phone number
  • All athletes and Unified partners' first and last name, date of birth, events and qualifying score if applicable

To whom should we send the registration confirmation email once this form is complete?

COACH REGISTRATION  Use the blue "Add another coach" button at the bottom right of the box below to register another coach.

Each coach must have all certifications complete prior to training or competition.  Certifications include a valid Class A form*, a completed online Protective Behaviors course and a completed online Concussion Awareness course.  Both courses can be found on the coaching requirements page on the SONJ website.

*Class A forms are sent through DocuSign via email.  If you need a blank Class A form or want to check on the status of a Class A form, email

Registration Due: December 16, 2019

ATHLETE REGISTRATION  Use the blue "Add another athlete" button at the bottom right of the box below to register another athlete.


  • Athletes may compete in two events within the same level (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced).  In order for an athlete to be considered for novice competition, the athlete must be able to change direction, fall and get up unassisted, and attempt to stop on his/her own.
  • Athletes must wear winter competition appropriate attire.  Athletes will not be permitted to compete in jeans.  Helmets are required.

AVAILABLE EVENTS                                                                           

  • Super G  
  • Slalom
  • Giant Slalom                                          

Registration Due: December 16, 2019

An accurate date of birth is how we locate medical forms for each athlete.