100Kin10 Collaboration Grant Form  


100Kin10 Collaboration Grants are designed to help partners advance their individual - or collective - work and potentially identify ways to collaborate further. Applications are reviewed on a periodic basis and you can expect to hear back from us within two or so weeks after your submission. 

Please note that these grants are unfortunately unable to cover the following:

  • Funds to travel to a pre-existing event
  • Funds to travel to a city that isn’t home base for any of the partners involved
  • Funds for expenses outside of transportation, accommodation, or travel-/meeting-related
  • Any overheard or indirect costs
Please note that the primary applicant will receive the funds and is responsible for coordinating reimbursements and/or expenses for all participating partners. 

Have questions? Just reach out to Julie Paturzo.

Participating Partners - Organizations and Individuals
Please list all partner organizations - and their respective individuals - who will participate in this Collaboration Grant. Please list full names, titles, and email addresses for individuals wherever possible.