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Fund Name: The Big Climate Conversation Community Fund

On 19th June the Scottish Government launched The Big Climate Conversation (TBCC), a broad programme of engagement on Scotland’s response to the global climate emergency across all sectors of society - individuals, business and the public sector. Through a series of workshops, conferences, meetings, consultation and digital engagement, we want all sectors to have their say on how Scotland responds to the Global Climate Emergency and build a collaborative approach to how we can best, as a nation, deliver the transformative changes required. The pubic engagement strand of TBCC will run from July to October 2019.


As part of this strand, The Big Climate Conversation Community Fund will support individual communities to hold their own Big Climate Conversations to feed in to the overall picture.


Applications will be accepted up until 21st October 2019, with grant award decisions being made on a weekly basis.  Early applications would be preferred.  You can apply for:

  • A minimum grant of £100

  • A maximum grant of £300

Engagement workshops should take place by 31st October 2019 and a short report returned to Scottish Government within 2 weeks of your workshop.


Before starting to fill in this application form, please ensure you meet the essential criteria which can be found on Impact Funding Partner’s website by following this link:


You can save your progress on this application form on an ongoing basis.  You need to save progress each time you exit the form in order not to lose data.  You will receive an emailed link for re-accessing your application form from an auto-response email address.  Please check your spam/junk folder if you do not receive a link.  You will receive a new link each time you save and must use the most recent one to access your application.


There are guidance notes for some questions.


All questions marked with an * are mandatory and this form will not submit unless they are completed.


Section 1: Tell us about your organisation
1.1  Legal name of your organisation

1.2     Registered address for your organisation

1.3     Main contact for this application

Please enter phone number without spaces

Please enter phone number without spaces

1.4    Organisation bank account details

If you do not yet have an account set up in the name of the applicant organisation, VAF are unable to consider your application.

The number of people required to authorise a payment for your organisation must be 2 or more.
1.5    The legal status of your organisation

You must be able to supply a copy of this to Impact Funding Partners on request.
1.6    Is your organisation a Social Enterprise?

1.7    Annual income

This fund is aimed at organisations with an annual income of up to £250,000 in the last financial year (excluding any one off income for capital items such as buildings and equipment). The figure entered must be for the most recent year for which financial statements have been signed off. You must be able to supply a copy of your accounts to Impact Funding Partners on request.

1.8    Geographical area

1.9   Activities of your organisation? 

Please remember to save your progress - this form does not auto-save.

Page 2

Tell us about the workshop or means of engagement you wish to hold, including when and where it will be held?

Please indicate the name of the village, town or neighbourhood.
Section 2: Tell us about your Big Climate Community Engagement Workshop

If you already know the venue you will use, please provide the postcode

A general idea of workshop date is sufficient at this stage. Engagement workshops should take place by 31st October 2019 and provide feedback within 2 weeks of the workshop.

This should be a group of 8 or more people. A general figure is sufficient at this stage
Please refer to the Scottish Government's "How To Guide" before answering this question.

Please remember to save your progress - this form does not auto-save.

Page 3

Section 3:  Workshop Budget 

3.1   Your key costs should be entered below, rounded to the nearest £1.  
Please complete each box, entering a zero (0) if you have no costs relating to that area.  These boxes won't accept commas.






Grants of £100-£300 are available.
Please remember to save your progress - this form does not auto-save.

Page 4

Section 4: Declaration, Grant Conditions and Submitting your application
I apply, on behalf of the organisation named above, for a grant as proposed in this application in respect of expenditure to be incurred over the proposed funding period on the activities described.
Grant Conditions

1.    We will use the grant only for the purpose set out in our application and approved in writing by Impact Funding Partners.  We will not make any changes to the project or to our expenditure of the grant without the prior approval of Impact Funding Partners.


2.  In all publicity that we generate about our project and in our Annual Report we will acknowledge that it is supported by the Scottish Government.


3.   We will complete a short report and return it to the Scottish Government within 2 weeks of holding our workshop.


4.    We understand that we will need to repay the grant if we do not submit the report in time.


5.   We will comply with any relevant legislation that affects the way in which we carry out our activities, e.g. Health and Safety, Protection of Children Scotland Act, etc.  We will ensure that the planned activity does not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

6.    If we anticipate that we will have an unspent balance at the end of the period of grant we will contact Impact Funding Partners.  We understand that all unspent grant will be reclaimed.

This must be the primary contact named in the first part of the application.  I confirm that I am authorised to submit this application and that the information given in this form is true and accurate.  My organisation authorises Impact Funding Partners to hold any information supplied about this application in its records and that the information supplied can be used for the purposes of assessment, publicity, promotion and monitoring of this application.

I understand that you may contact me during the assessment process and I confirm that I am authorised by the organisation for this purpose and that you may rely on any further information supplied to you by me.

If the applicant is a member of the management committee or a Board member, please enter details twice


When you click the submit button below, you will be taken to the "review page", this is where you have the chance to REVIEW your answers, make any CORRECTIONS and PRINT a copy for your records.  

To print a copy from the review page either click the print option at the end of the review page, or hold down the "Ctrl" and "P" keys on your keyboard.  The print menu should then appear, allowing you to print as a document.


Once happy with your response, please click the "CONFIRM" button at the very end of the review page to fully submit your form.

Please remember to save your progress - this form does not auto-save.