We Are Here Neighborhood Groups

We Are Here is a six month process of study and action for JFREJ members, in partnership with our allies. Our goal is to prepare for 2020 by building strategic alignment and clarity for our organization, so we can better wrestle together with the big questions we are facing in our work. We are partnering with the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, who have created a curriculum, informed by secular and Jewish thought, to deepen our knowledge and analysis.

Jewish tradition teaches us “great is study for it leads to action,” prioritizing learning that changes us, demands something from us, and leads to impact. As we organize in multiple spheres to transform systems of economic and racial injustice, we simultaneously transform the consciousness of the people who participate in organizations and movements, as well as the organizers themselves.

In the We Are Here neighborhood groups, we will be discussing topics including political economy, capitalism, race, gender, nationalism, and antisemitism. This will be a chance to learn, build local community, and create unity and direction for JFREJ!

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Here are a few more questions to help us make our neighborhood groups as diverse as possible.

Questions? email info@jfrej.org