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Welcome! Ashoka U is seeking submissions from current students and recent graduates about their changemaking journeys and co-leadership on campus.

Please review the useful background about this initiative before beginning your submission.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, September 6th.

By completing this form:
  • You are a current college/university student or a recent graduate (in the last 5 years).
  • You are eager to share more about your changemaker journey and co-leadership.
  • Changemaker education is something you deeply care about.
  • You have an estimated 20 - 30 minutes available to complete this form. 
All submissions will receive a confirmation of receipt and a response by September 16th from the Ashoka U team. Please note that not all submissions will be featured. 

After review, the Ashoka U team will contact you directly to discuss next steps/ideas, or future ways to stay in touch. Before completing this form, we encourage you to learn more about how Ashoka U approaches and understands changemaking.

Please contact Ali Fraenkel (afraenkel@ashoka.org) with any questions along the way! 

Section 1: About You

If your content/submissions are selected to be shared, we will work with you to refine the appropriate biography at that time.

(e.g. open-hearted; energized; motivated; empathic; spiritual)
Section 2: Demographics

The following questions have been added based on recommendations from Ashoka U advisors. They are completely optional and you will not be penalized if you don't answer. They will be used by Ashoka U to learn more about your individual identity and lived experience. 

Section 3: Key Moments

Based on your selections above, choose two examples to share more about based on the impact they had on your changemaker journey. 

This will be a major content consideration for next steps with Ashoka U.

Section 4: Highlights from your Changemaker Journey

Moving Forward: 

As described at the start of this form, the Ashoka U team will contact you directly with next steps and ideas around bringing your perspective or story to life by September 16th. Not all submissions will be featured, but all submissions will receive a confirmation of receipt and a response. 

To all who press "submit" we deeply appreciate your time and energy to contribute. It is critical that we elevate and prioritize student perspectives when looking to the future of changemaker education. It is Ashoka U's intention to curate and advance more opportunities for student/recent graduate co-leadership across our work. 

We commit to do our best to weave this refreshed, timely, and powerful student-changemaker-narrative alongside you and this vibrant community. 
Social Media and Helpful Links

Looking Ahead

If selected, Ashoka U will use this photo when sharing reflections or contributions attributed to you.
Please attach in .jpg or .png format. 
We will give you notice before including your picture in produced content.


If selected, you will have the opportunity to review, edit, and update any/all content in this form.

Press submit below -- congratulations on making it to the finish line! 

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