Coach Greg Site Visit Request

About Coach Greg

Greg Schwalje is a licensed Physical Therapist and Young Athletes Program Consultant for Special Olympics New Jersey.  In addition, Greg works for Special Olympics North America's Unified Champion Schools Department creating and modifying programs for athletes with multiple challenges. Greg started as a volunteer in the first Young Athletes program in New Jersey and has coached Young Athletes for over 10 years.  You may recognize Greg from the Young Athletes Coach Training video as well as his sessions at the Young Athletes Coach Conference.

Why Request a Site Visit?

A site visit is designed to support your efforts as a Young Athletes coach by providing you with another perspective from an experienced coach.  Greg's experience as a Young Athletes coach allows him to see things from your perspective while being able to maintain an objective view of your strengths and areas to grow your program, as well as your strengths as a coach.

What Can You Expect From a Site Visit?

Prior to the site visit, Greg will review this form and your program schedule.  He will then reach out to you to schedule a time to come by and speak to you a bit prior to visiting.  While at your program, Greg may simply be an observer or be a hands on demonstrator based on what he feels is the best way to support you and your athletes.  Following the visit, you and Greg will talk about the strengths of your program as well as some challenges and then brainstorm new ideas.  In addition, Greg will be bringing back ideas to SONJ about how we can share the wonderful things you are doing in your program with other coaches or ways in which we can provide you with support.

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