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Thank you for applying to be a Child Defender Fellow. Our decision will be based off of the effort you put in on this application. Good luck!
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Underlying Commitments

By submitting this form, I agree to: act in accordance with the principals of nonviolence;     be on time, alert, and present for all meetings and training sessions; complete actions and report back in a timely manner to CDF to the best of my ability and on time; when participating in learning sessions, refrain from the use of inappropriate language (e.g., profane, abusive, demeaning or degrading words or tone) and be appreciative and respectful to views and opinions that may differ from mine; do my part to further the goal to Leave No Child Behind and to ensure every child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start and a Moral Start in life and successful passage to adulthood with the support of caring adults and nurturing communities. 

Fellow's Relationship with CDF

By submitting this form, I understand and agree that the Child Defender Fellowship is intended to be a learning community where I will learn through action, but I will at all times acting independently. In this way, it is expressly understood and agreed that the relationship between the Children’s Defense Fund and the Fellows is not one where I am an employee, agent, partner, or joint venturer of CDF. Any costs or damages incurred are the sole responsibility of the Fellow, and not of the Children’s Defense Fund. I further agree that I will not hold myself out as an agent of CDF, but may indicated that I have been through trainings provided by CDF. Further, I will not create materials or attire with CDF’s name, marks or logos, but may wear use materials created by CDF and clothing created by CDF.  

Confidential Information; Intellectual Property and Proprietary Rights

All documents and information furnished by CDF to me shall remain the property of CDF and shall be returned upon request, or upon termination of completion of this Agreement.  I agree that these materials may not be used except by the express written permission of CDF. I acknowledge that I may have access to the confidential business information of CDF, including but not limited to copyrighted material, trade names, trademarks, service marks, CDF tools, data, and other intellectual property of CDF (“Confidential Information”).  I understand that CDF strictly prohibits the unauthorized use or distribution of any Confidential Information, and that I shall not use or disclose any such Confidential Information without the prior written consent of CDF.  I accept liability for any unauthorized disclosure or use of Confidential Information and recognizes that the improper and impermissible disclosure or use of any Confidential Information can and will cause irreparable damage to CDF.  In the event of any improper or unauthorized disclosure of Confidential Information by me, I hereby consent to the immediate entry of preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, prohibiting any further disclosures.  

Right to Intellectual Property

I acknowledge that my involvement as a Fellow may result in the creation or development of plans, techniques, improvements, strategies, data, reports and other forms of intellectual property (collectively, “intellectual property”).  I agree not to disclose the intellectual property to others.  All intellectual property created or developed through this Fellowship is and shall remain the sole and exclusive property of CDF.  CDF shall have all copyright, trade name, trademark, service mark, and other proprietary rights allowed by law with respect to any discovered, created or developed intellectual property pursuant to this fellowship program.  

Media Release

By submitting this form, I authorize and irrevocably grant to the Children’s Defense Fund and its affiliates, licenses, agents and assigns the unrestricted right to use and publish any part of the information I provide to the Children’s Defense Fund through reporting through the Fellowship and otherwise. I acknowledge that the Children’s Defense Fund shall own all right, title and interest in and to this media. I further agree that the Children’s Defense Fund may cause all or parts of this media to be used for any and all publications, exhibition, public displays, editorials, advertising or other purposes. I waive any inspection or approval to the media or any advertising or publicity in which my name, voice, appearance, likeness, narrative or comments might appear. I expressly release and agree to hold harmless the Children’s Defense Fund and its agents, employees, licenses and assigns from and against any and all claims including, but not limited to, invasion of privacy that I might ever have in any way relating to my interview of its use.