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Consent Agreement for Data Disclosure and Sharing

By signing this agreement, you consent to disclose and share personally identifiable information of the persons listed in Section 2 of this form with authorized partners in Hayward Promise Neighborhoods (HPN) led by California State University, East Bay (See Table 1). Hayward Promise Neighborhoods (HPN) programs and services are designed to guide your children and families from cradle-to-college-to-career and provide strong family and community support systems. For more information about HPN, visit www.haywardpromise.org

The purpose of sharing your personally identifiable information among the authorized partners of Hayward Promise Neighborhoods (HPN) is to: (a) ensure that services are well coordinated and aligned, (b) conduct ongoing evaluation of the impact and improvement of our programs, and (c) connect participants with services and resources. 

The personally identifiable information to be disclosed and shared with the partners of Hayward Promise Neighborhoods (HPN) listed below may include but is not limited to: 

  • Name, address, and date of birth, English learner/socioeconomic status 

  • Program participation data (such as services received and attendance dates) 

  • Program results and assessments (such as tests results) 

  • School grades, performance reports, transcripts, and attendance. 

Hayward Promise Neighborhoods (HPN) will make every effort to protect your personal information from unauthorized use or disclosure. Personal information will not be published in a manner that will lead to the identification of any individual. Your information will only be used for service provision and program evaluation purposes. No identifiable information will be disclosed to third parties not covered by this consent agreement without your prior written consent. 

  • Alameda County Public Health Department

  • California State University, East Bay (CSUEB)

  • Chabot College 

  • City of Hayward 

  • 4Cs of Alameda County

  • Deputy Sheriffs’ Activities League (DSAL)

  • Eden Area Regional Occupation Program (Eden ROP)

  • Eden Youth and Family Center (EYFC)

  • EigenX, LLC (for case-management system maintenance only)

  • Hayward Unified School District (HUSD)

  • Hayward Area Recreation and Parks District (HARD)

  • HTA Consulting

  • La Familia Counseling Service

  • Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center (TVHC)

Furthermore, you consent that the following party may obtain the information described above with any and all direct identifiers (individual’s name and contact information will be deleted before sharing): the U.S. Department of Education and its authorized contractor(s).

No health and mental health care provider, including and without limitation, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, La Familia Counseling Service, Alameda County Public Health Department, and CSUEB, will share any protected health information with authorized partners of HPN based on this consent agreement. 

This agreement constitutes the granting of consent for the disclosure of protected education information under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to entities and authorized partners of the Hayward Promise Neighborhoods (HPN) initiative at California State University, East Bay.

This consent agreement releases all Hayward Promise Neighborhoods (HPN) entities and authorized partners and their officers, agents, Board of Supervisors, and employees from any and all liability connected with the use or disclosure of your personally identifiable information. 

For additional information please view our website www.haywardpromise.org and/or contact:  

Carolyn Nelson, HPN Principal Investigator, carolyn.nelson@csueastbay.edu  

Edgar Chávez, HPN Executive Director, 510-885-3994, edgar.chavez@csueastbay.edu 

Mariana Triviso, HUSD-HPN Coordinator, 510-723-3857 ext. 34160, mtriviso@husd.us