Call for 2020 Project Team Leaders

We are thrilled to open the call for the next cycle of Project Teams! Entirely led by partners, Project Teams are small, cross-organizational groups who work together for six months on a project that addresses a Grand Challenge related to each organization’s core work in ways that the rest of the network can learn from and build on. 100Kin10 supports teams with logistical support, leadership coaching, data collection and analysis, travel stipends, and more. 

Project Teams work together virtually from January to June, with in-person work sessions at key points in the process. This year, these will be held:

  • 2/4 or 2/5: New York, NY (please share your availability below)

  • 4/23: Pittsburgh, PA (the day after our Annual Summit)

  • Date and location of your choosing (many teams self-organize a “final push” meeting towards the end of the cycle - this is optional) 

Project Teams end the cycle by documenting their learnings, with some teams choosing to develop more concrete deliverables. Teams can also continue on for additional cycles of work, either with the same or additional members.

If you have a challenge you’re passionate about that can’t be solved alone, please complete this form by Friday 10/4. 

After you submit this form, you’ll receive an automated email that prompts you to schedule a time to chat with 100Kin10 about your project idea. 

Recommended Reading: Learn about what it means to lead a Project Team here

Need help? Reach out to lauren@100kin10.org

Your Info

Address where you spend most work days:

Your Proposed Project

If your project is related to either of our current catalyst focus areas, we’ll invite you to join a conversation to discuss your idea with other prospective Project Team leaders and our Brain Trust during the week of 10/7. We’ll follow up with you to get your availability

Need inspiration? You can see past project descriptions here (paragraph descriptions in center of each project’s slide)

Need inspiration? You can see past project overviews here (small yellow boxes in upper left corner of each project's slide)

Need inspiration? You can see past project titles in question #1 or here (all-caps title on each project’s slide)

Potential Team

Describe focus, size, program work, organization type, geographic location, etc. If your project moves forward, 100Kin10 will reach out to folks in the network who fit this description to invite them to join the team. You should plan to reach out to your networks as well.

Provide their names. If you know them, you should plan to reach out if your project moves forward. If you do not, and 100Kin10 has a connection with them, we will share the opportunity.
Your Network Leadership

We have found that participants have a better experience if the work of their Project Team is relevant to their day-to-day work.

11. Leading a Project Team requires productively facilitating a cross-sector, cross-organizational group to work together over a fixed period of time. Those who are most successful demonstrate network leadership, which we define as:
  • Vision & Leadership: Leading and inspiring others under a shared vision for change
  • Results Orientation: Empowering team/community to translate vision into action
  • Collaborative Practices: Creating the context for all members to effectively contribute to the work without formal authority
  • Community Building: Investing in relationships with and among members of the team/community
  • Systems-Change Orientation: Mobilizing change with a big-picture viewpoint

Your Commitment

Please hold both of these dates (and the evening before for a special dinner) until we notify you of the chosen date.

After your submit this application, please click the link to choose a time slot to have a conversation with the 100kin10 team about your idea and your role as a network leader.