Undergraduate Prototype Grant Application 

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Please read the following carefully before completing your application:

Who can receive funding?

Any currently enrolled undergraduate student at Northeastern. 


What prototypes do we fund?

The intended use of the fund is to provide a financial resource to begin early stage development and testing of a product or service. We fund hardware and system-level prototypes and more generally, concept and/or product test runs.


Are there any restrictions?

The work to create the prototype should be almost entirely completed by the person who receives the award. We do not fund plans that fully outsource design and development. In addition, we do not fund supplies that provide value beyond the prototype (e.g. phones and tablets). Lastly we do not fund ongoing costs or employee salaries.


How much funding can I receive?

We award funding in any amount up to $1,500. Projects that have received a $1,500 grant and have demonstrated completion of milestones set in previous application are eligible for up to $3,000 in funding.


Can I apply more than once?

Yes, you can receive funding more than once contingent on a review of the outcome of your first award. 


If funded, how long will it take to get my money?

The committee is comprised of members from IDEA, Origin and Generate. The committee will review the fund only after the deadline. Once the committee goes through its due diligence process, we will reach out to each applicant with the decisions. From this point, it will take about one month to receive the funds.


Any other information I should know?

Yes, the committee is excited for your application and expects a diligent effort from each applicant. Please be as technically detailed as possible when filling out the application.

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The purpose of the Undergraduate Prototype Fund is to enable Northeastern students to design, build and test new products and services. A successful application may result in up to $1500 ($3,000 for second awards) in non-equity grant funding to be used for creation of the approved prototype. The following application is designed to capture three items: 1) The creative concept behind the prototype 2) The specifications and cost to build the prototype 3) The plans for testing the prototype.

Applications for the October round are due on 10/15/2021.

Your Contact Information

Concept: What are you planning to build?

Spec: What resources will you need to build the prototype? 

Test Plan: Please provide a detailed test plan that you will execute once you build the prototype

Note: The focus of your test(s) should fall into one of the following categories:

Feasibility: Is it possible to create a functioning prototype?
Usability: Does the prototype achieve the desired user experience and address the problem?
Efficacy: Which version of the prototype performs best?