2020 Governor's Cabinet, Lobbyists Application 

This application will close December 17, 2019 for YG and January 17, 2020 for JYG to allow adequate time for review.
Applicant Information:

Gov Cab applicants, please note that  JuniorYG Governor ( Diya Hedge) or Youth Governor (Tadiwa Mujokoto) may contact you to ask you further questions.
Governor's Cabinet Application:

Lobbyist Application:
Please review the following guidelines and criteria before answering the questions below. 
1. Students must attend the State Conference in order to be considered for a Lobbyist position.
2. All Lobbyists must have at least one year of prior Legislative experience.  8th graders in Junior YG and 11th and 12th graders in YG are preferred candidates.
3. At District, Lobbyists are to write a bill and participate in the Legislative section.
4. The JuniorYG/Youth Governor will share his or her platform packet with the Lobbyists. Lobbyists need to review the included topics and do some research before coming to State.
5. All Lobbyists are encouraged to oppose the Governor's legislative agenda.
6. The Governor's Cabinet and Lobbyists are paired at State Conferences but take opposing sides.
7. If the Governor takes no position on a bill, Lobbyists can support their own agendas.
8. Lobbyists will abide by our core values of respect, responsibility, caring, and honesty.