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2020 Responsive Program Grant Application

Please complete this form to apply for a Responsive Program Grant from Oregon Humanities.

It often takes 2-4 weeks to process an application and for our grants committee to reach a decision. If your programming start date requires a faster response, please contact us before applying to determine whether Oregon Humanities can meet your desired timeline.

If you have questions about this form or the application process, please contact Louisa Mariki at l.mariki@oregonhumanities.org or (503) 241-0543 ext. 117.

Program Information

No later than 12/31/2020



Organization Information

Grant Manager

This individual is considered the primary contact by Oregon Humanities and is responsible for overseeing the program if a grant is awarded.

Authorizing Official
Please provide the name of a second person who is knowledgeable of your organization's operations such as Executive Director, Board Chair, Program Director, etc.


Non 501(c)(3)'s need to apply with either a Fiscal Sponsor or a Co-applicant


Program Details

Oregon Humanities is committed to funding programming that centers around the perspectives of people most impacted by the topic of the program.  Programs should respond to and engage with the life experiences, perspectives, and knowledge held by those most impacted by the topic.

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