Solutions Journalism Network: Impact

Impact Tracking: Why and What?

The mission of journalism – and solutions journalism – is to provide information that can help communities tackle problems big and small. Journalists and news organizations increasingly need and want to show how they’re living up to that goal to their communities, their shareholders or boards, and/or other financial supporters.

This Impact Tracker can help you – and us at the Solutions Journalism Network – better track a range of impact connected to solutions journalism, which we’ve broken down in categories of particular interest. It’s designed to facilitate the logging of examples that clearly show how reporting on responses to social issues can influence outcomes in society, your news organization and the wider industry. This is also a gateway to sharing your successes more broadly as SJN may publicly feature the information in our public database on 

Solutions journalism can be powerful! Help us understand and convey all the ways it’s making a difference. 

For examples of impact, see our reports here.


Accountability and/or Institutional Change: Solutions coverage contributes to a change in policy, law or practice.

Cross-Pollination: Through solutions journalism, a community learns about something happening elsewhere, which sparks significant discussion and/or action.

Civic Discourse & Engagement: Solutions coverage leads to a change in public discourse around specific issues and/or action by community members.

Audience Engagement & Trust:  Solutions coverage leads to increased engagement and/or trust between a community and a newsroom.


Revenue: News organizations receive income from funders, readers and/or businesses related to solutions journalism projects, beats, sections, events, etc. 

Practice change:  A newsroom, college journalism program or other organization expands or deepens the quantity or quality of its solutions journalism.


Awards: Solutions coverage is recognized with a prestigious prize or award at a state or national level.

Organic spread: Newsrooms and other organizations establish new and significant solutions journalism projects without the financial support or training of the Solutions Journalism Network. 

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Thank you for sharing your insights with the Solutions Journalism Network. The intel you share helps us serve you better. We’re also on the hunt for anecdotes to share in trainings and newsletters for the Network. We’ll ask before we share any of the information here. 

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