Request for Reference for Overseas and Off-Campus Programs

Applicant Information

Non-L&C students: Please use your college or university Student ID so that you are able to access application forms.

What name would the reference giver know you by?

Program Information

  • You will need two Academic References 
  • Both of your recommendations must be from a Lewis & Clark professor.  The recommendation form asks your reference to comment specifically on your performance in an academic setting, so we are NOT able to accept recommendations from advisors from the College Advising Center, coaches, RAs, employers, friends, family, etc.
  • If you are a student applying to the Year in Munich program who is not currently a Lewis & Clark student, your recommendations may come from professors at your home institution.
  • When you submit this form, the people you list here as your reference will be emailed a link with your name, program, semester and LC ID Number so they can fill out a reference for you.

Right to view references
As part of the application requirement, you will be asked to have two reference forms submitted on your behalf. Please keep in mind that if you choose to reserve your right to view the evaluation, some of your references may decline your evaluation request.

In compliance with Public Law 93-380, please indicate your preference on your right to view the evaluation/reference:Click here to enter text