Oregon Poet Laureate Nominee Application

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You have been nominated for the tenth Poet Laureate of Oregon. The next Oregon Poet Laureate will begin their two-year term April 2020. Please read the eligibility information below and complete this two-page application by January 13, 2020. We will contact you once we receive your application.

In order for a nomination to be considered, nominees must
  • be current residents of Oregon
  • have lived in Oregon for at least ten years (time spent in out-of-state artist residencies during those ten years are accepted, as long as nominee maintained Oregon as their home state)
  • be publicly recognized as poets and well regarded for excellence in their work
  • have a significant body of published and/or performed work
  • agree to the conditions and the two-year term of appointment
The role of the Poet Laureate is to foster the art of poetry, encourage literacy and learning, address central issues relating to the humanities and heritage, and reflect on public life in Oregon. The Poet Laureate will provide a minimum of ten public readings/events per year in rural and urban settings across the state that educate community, business, and state leaders about the value and importance of poetry and creative expression. One goal of the Poet Laureate will be to undertake a significant cultural project or projects during their two-year term, such as bringing poetry to people or a region of the state that might otherwise be underserved in this regard.

Review Criteria
Oregon's Poet Laureate must be committed to bringing poetry to a wide range of places and people, have a significant body of publicly accessible work, agree to the period of the appointment, and be prepared to undertake a significant cultural project and the public role required of the laureate. Poets of all subgenres (e.g. prose, slam poetry, cowboy poetry) and styles will be considered.

Review Process
An independent selection committee composed of poets, poetry advocates, literature lovers, and cultural leaders will review each nomination and consider the merits of each nominee related to the criteria. The selection committee will interview the top candidates, report to the Oregon Cultural Trust, and make a recommendation regarding the laureate to the Governor. The Governor will appoint the Poet Laureate.

If you are not willing to be considered, please move to the next page, skip the questions, and hit "Submit". If you are moving forward with your nomination, please continue filling out the application by moving to the next page.

Questions and Sample of Work

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