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New Sector offers two Fellowship Tracks:

(1) Partnership Track: Fellows currently working with a workforce development or mission-driven organization apply to participate on behalf of their organization with the ultimate goal of bringing New Sector's pedagogy and curriculum back to their organizations to implement with other staff or beneficiaries. 

In addition to participation in the Train-the-Trainer workshop training, Fellows will receive six months of program deployment support, access to online communities of practice with other organizations, and individual coaching sessions with New Sector's team of consultants and network. New Sector charges organizational partners $40,000 to train and support up to ten Fellows. 

(2) Professional Development Track: The professional development track is for applicants who may or may not be working with a mission-driven organization currently, but would like to become a licensed facilitator of New Sector's pedagogy and curriculum. Fellows apply to participate in one of New Sector's Train-the-Trainer workshops, and then selects an organization or venue to pilot delivering the content. New Sector charges a $5000 tuition fee to become an individual licensed trainer. 

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