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PelotonU - Peer Coach Application

As we grow,  the number of PelotonU evening-only students is rising quickly. These are students who work during the day and come to school in the evening; to ensure every student has the personalized support and opportunity to meet weekly with a coach, we have created a new role - the Peer Coach. This position will help accommodate the schedules of our evening students while also providing the mentorship and leadership of someone who has gone through the PelotonU experience as a student.

The Peer Coach will join our College Completion Coaches, headed by our Director of College Completion, to ensure every student at PelotonU has a chance to earn their degree. As a part-time Peer Coach, you will support PelotonU associate degree students in the evenings as they balance work, family and college. You are part diagnostician - what does this student need right now?  - and part chameleon- how can I help provide what this student needs? You are encouraging and supportive. You excel at helping others solve problems, but you also strive to dig deep and uncover root causes for both struggles and successes.