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Golden Iris are a group of young volunteers from in and around Totnes that work within the community to bring forward creative activities, skills development, capacity building and respect. They are working with Totnes Community Development Society to renovate and use the Elmhirst Building (the lower school site within KEVICC) which Totnes Community Development Society have a licence to use. 

The Golden Iris team have a programme of events for the Autumn/Winter 2019 which take on and expand those activities launched within their debut event – the Golden Iris Festival 2017 . These are focused on music, dance, fashion, photography, art, graffiti, fitness, carpentry and wellbeing.

This form has been put together to enable collaboration through the Elmhirst Building; to establish where there are other activities within the community, already underway or planned, that can support the Golden Iris team in opening up the building for the benefit of young people and other vulnerable individuals in the community, and make best use of the space in line with the vision of the Golden Iris team.

For more information about Golden Iris please see: http://totnescommunity.org.uk/golden-iris/

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Our preferred method of contact is email so please provide an email address if possible.

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Totnes Community Development Society is supporting the Golden Iris team to realise this vision for the Elmhirst Building*:

Our main aim for developing the Elmhirst Building is supplying the community and young people a safe, yet inviting place, for people with all types of interests to come and get involved with either supporting something they are doing, or getting young people involved with something new or developing new skills. This idea stemmed from the lack of safe and inviting places for young people in the Totnes community; resulting in many young people not being able to discover or practise a talent in a place where nobody is judged and everyone is included and safe. We, as a team feel this is exactly what the Totnes community needs in order to open new opportunities for every young person. 

*Priority will be given to activities that support this vision. 

If you would like to book multiple single events (i.e. two more different, unrelated events) then please use the 'Add another response' button at the end of this section and input the details a second time rather than completing a second form.

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Please leave blank if date is not yet known

If known time can be entered as 1:00 PM or 13:00

All rooms come with access to a shared small kitchen/lounge space and toilets.

Your Contribution
Totnes Community Development Society has costs associated with its licence and running costs at the Elmhirst Building. The Society expects financial contributions from those using the space yet has chosen to keep these as affordable as possible in order to support in kind donations of time and skill as well. Please answer both of the following questions identifying how you or your group will support the building in operation.

As part of confirming your booking we will share with you a User Agreement Form to capture your contribution as above. 

Totnes Community Development Society's other activities

There are a wide range of ways to join in the activities of TCDS. Please tick the box(es) below if you would like to be contacted about future opportunities to get involved, there will be no obligation for you to follow up.

We encourage all users of the Elmhirst Building to become a member of TCDS. It is free to apply and provides you with an opportunity to have a say in how TCDS is run and enables you to keep in touch with future opportunities to use community-led spaces. Please find online access to apply for membership here:


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Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. One of the team will make contact to discuss further this may take a few days as the building is largely managed by a team of volunteers. 

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