Transplant Games - Team CalNev Registration

Please Note
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Transplant Life Foundation has reformatted the 2020 Transplant Games to take place in hometowns all across the country. This hybrid approach to this year’s Games will ensure the safety of our participants while creating a broader reach to spread awareness and reinforce our mission of saving and healing lives.  “Honor the Journey...Coast to Coast” will bring the transplant community together to celebrate the miracle of transplantation.

If you have questions regarding Team CalNev, please email:

Welcome to Team CalNev!

We welcome organ, bone marrow, cornea and tissue transplant recipients, donor families, and friends/family members of the transplant community from Northern California and Northern Nevada to join us.

We encourage you to consider making a commitment to join our team by April 1, 2021. It helps us out if you make your decision and commit to join the team well in advance. Plus, you'll want to help raise funds and get to know your teammates!

Please Note
You must register with the TGA prior to registering for Team CalNev.  Please click the link below to be taken to their website and registration form. 
Transplant Games of America
Once you have completed your registration with the TGA, please return here and complete your Team CalNev Registration.

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     I may rescind this Authorization up until a reasonable time before any photographs, video or information are used, but I must do so in writing and submit it to:  Donor Network West, 12667 Alcosta Blvd. Suite 500 San Ramon, CA 94583. 

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