2020 Y-90: The Complete Course Workshop Application

Y-90 2020


Dear SIR Industry Partner:

Welcome to the hands-on program of the 2020 Y-90 meeting!  This is a complimentary opportunity for companies exhibiting in this course.

Please complete the following application to request a place for your company's participation.


     Y-90 delivery systems (radioembolic beads)
     Sunday, January 26, 5:00 p.m.
     - please contact us to design your tabletop layout at clopez@sirweb.org

     Coils, plugs, conventional embolics, microcatheters, microwires, digital tools and image enhancing
     Monday, January 27, 5:00 p.m.
     - a single, 6'x30" tabletop with draping

Be prepared to provide enough hands-on material for 100+ attendees, who will primarily be practicing interventional radiologists, with some other clinical and scientific professionals interested in interventional oncology and management of HCC.

Each company is provided with tables and electricity to produce a hands-on demonstration led by your company representatives. The experience should emphasize real clinical skills and medical device knowledge. Complementary flow models, phantoms, visualization tools, and/or medical simulators are highly encouraged.


Companies must be registered exhibitors to participate.  
There is no fee to participate in these workshops.

Workshops must be kept clear of any branded, trade, or promotional materials. Only clinical, scientific, or instructional publications are allowed.

For each activity, companies must agree to abide by these terms:



For purposes of logistics, documentation and accreditation, SIR requests a list of commercial products on display.
This information will not be released to the public in any way whatsoever, unless and only as permission is granted by your company.

Please provide a non-zero value. Generally accepted standards include List Price, ASP (Average Sales Price), or capital equipment rental rate. SIR is not requesting a donation of equipment for possession by us. Your company leads your own workshop demonstration and retains possession of all materials at all times. The use of your equipment for the purposes of educating our member physicians is considered an in-kind donation. The value of this donation must be recorded by SIR for internal accounting and tax standards as an accredited, not-for-profit society for medical professionals. If you truly believe the material your company is providing has no value, please enter a zero and call SIR to confirm at 703-460-5575. SIR does not compensate your company for any manufacturing, logistical, or staff expenses incurred through providing these materials or attending the session. Your company will be responsible for proper handling of material before, during, and after the workshop, including responsible disposal as appropriate.
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Demonstration Models and Simulators

The following companies offer anatomical models, simulators and services in support of experiential learning.  Please feel free to consider their offerings when planning your company’s participation
in the hands-on workshops.

United Biologics, Inc.
Contact: Michael Ghebrial
Office: 949-345-7490

Christian Lopez
Corporate Relations Associate 
(703) 460-5575