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Australian Philanthropic Services (ACN 155 905 829) is a registered charity that works with more than 500 philanthropic clients to support their giving. We are delighted to facilitate the generosity of our clients.

While we do not actively promote any charities, we are always looking for great organisations that might fit the interests of specific clients.

Please fill in the form below. We will keep your details on file and may get in touch with you if and when we require any further information.
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Primary focus areas

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Start typing keywords about who or what is assisted by your work. Please choose only those at the very core of your organisation's work. If your initiative is open to all, choose 'Universal (no particular population)'. You can choose up to 5 categories by clicking 'Add another beneficiary group' below.

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Description of your work

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Contact details

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Receipting Contact
This person should be able to respond to queries around banking details / donation receipts issued from your organisation.

Fundraising contact

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Bank Account Details
The bank account must belong to the DGR-1 organisation or fund detailed above. This information is used to deposit donations and must match the details in the bank statement or deposit slip uploaded below. We must verify account details for donations independently and so request a copy of a recent bank statement or deposit slip. Please feel free to redact all details in the statement with the exception of the account name, BSB and account number which must be verified. 

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Please upload a bank statement or deposit slip as evidence of your organisation's bank details. 
Supporting Documentation
If you have any documentation that will aid our clients in making a more informed decision to give to your organisation, please attach it below.  A great example is your annual report or impact stories. 


By submitting this form, I warrant that:

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APS will contact you if we have any queries relating to this form.


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We may disclose your personal information to our clients, service and software providers, our professional advisers and insurers or government agencies where required by law. Some of our service and software providers have overseas offices that will process the personal information that we collect.

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