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PelotonU - Innovation Associate Application

Today’s college student has changed; they’re now 74% post-traditional - older than 24, working 30+ hours, or caring for a dependent - but only 16% ever graduate. This means 45 million Americans started college but have not yet earned a degree. These students need an option that’s flexible and supportive, but the traditional higher education system wasn’t designed to meet their needs.

At PelotonU, we redesigned the college experience to ensure it’s built for ALL of today’s students by combining high quality, self-paced online education with relational support. We spent the past seven years proving the model; now, we’re launching an innovation lab to both test new iterations of our model and grow the national community of practitioners. We will serve 4,000 students by 2021 - 3,500 through new organizations we help start, and 500 through our work in Austin. 

That’s where you come in. As our first Innovation Associate, you’ll work alongside our Chief Operating Officer to grow our national work. Building on three years of work on nights and weekends to help others launch programs like PelotonU, you will take us to the next level and turn a “when we have time for it” passion into a well-run, highly efficient and effective program. Responsibilities include cultivating the pipeline of prospective partners (both in-bound and out-bound) and supporting the training of new partners, project management in the lead up to launch.

You love people, getting to the root of their needs, and helping others achieve their goals. You’ve managed projects, understand that organizations are like snowflakes, and are passionate about education and equity. You’ve got a keen eye for detail, always send follow up emails, and can build processes and systems from scratch. Maybe you’ve worked in sales and long for more soul, or maybe you’re just really good at helping people find the right solutions for their problems. Sound like you? Apply below.