Volunteer Opportunities - MPSA Professional Members

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1. VOLUNTEER: Best Paper Awards Committees
The MPSA has best paper awards by subfield and career stage. Please select a Paper Award committee where you would like to serve. We will contact people as appointments are made. 

2. VOLUNTEER: Administrative Committees.
Please select an administrative committee or planning committee where you might like to serve. We will contact people as appointments are made. 

3. VOLUNTEER: Conference Section Heads
We have several traditional sections, as well as most subfield and undergraduate sessions where it can be difficult to locate a section head. (Subfield and Undergraduate sections heads organize Lightining Talks, Posters, and Standing e-Panels). If you are interested in serving, please select up to two sections in each group where you have the expertise to serve. 

4. VOLUNTEER: Mentoring & Social.
The MPSA has two mentoring programs. The mentoring reception is held on Friday at the MPSA Conference in April. We assign each mentor to a specific table where (s)he can talk with a small group of graduate students. In the academic year mentoring program, the MPSA matches mentors and mentees. This structured program requires a ten hour commitment. 

Working Groups, or a conference within a conference, are when Faculty volunteer to organize panels for groups of scholars interested in the same topic

Professional Development sessions are roundtables in areas like teaching, public awareness, etc. Faculty may serve on Professional Development Sessions.

A Dine-Around is a social part of the conference program that allows conference colleagues to gather for dinner to discuss professional topics in a small, intimate dining setting.  The dinners can range in size from groups of 6-20 attendees. 

If you are interested, please volunteer for one of these mentoring programs. 

Of the following clusters of topics (early career, post tenure, teaching) please select the ones where you have expertise. 

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6. DEMOGRAPHICS - Individual.

7. DEMOGRAPHICS - Professional

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