2020 Capital Pride Celebration Registration

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New Requirement for Parade and Festival Registrations
The DC Government is now requiring each organization and business participating in the Pride Parade, Block Party, and/or Festival to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) naming the Capital Pride Alliance as an additional insured. Please contact your insurance provider to include the following in your COI:
  • Capital Pride Alliance, Inc., 2000 14th ST NW STE 105, Washington, D.C., 20009
  • Include on your COI from June 13 - 14, 2020.
If you have your COI at time of registration, you will be able to upload it before you submit your registration. Your registration will be pending, if you do not have your COI at this time.
Tier 1
Registered non-profit organizations with an annual gross revenue budget less than 1 million. Includes all student and alumni groups.

Tier 2
Registered non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and governmental agencies with an annual gross revenue budget greater than 1 million and less than 3 million. Includes all politicians and individuals with a legislative agenda that are or will be running for political office.

Tier 3
Registered non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and governmental agencies with an annual gross revenue budget greater than 3 million. Includes for-profit organizations and businesses that are not part of a national corporation or franchise operation.

Tier 4 – Sponsorship
Corporations, franchises, and businesses promoting national brands. Also includes consultants, professional firms and agencies.

Food Vendors
Restaurants, food trucks, and businesses that are looking to sell food at the Capital Pride Festival. A limited number of spaces are available.

At this time, food vendor registrations are closed.  We are at capacity.  We encourage you to register early for Pride 2021.

Parade Wait List
We currently are not accepting anymore parade entries.  Though you are able to register and we will place you on the wait list. If space becomes available, you will be notified and an invoice will be sent to your primary contact.

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Tier 4/Sponsor Information
Thank you for your interest in supporting Capital Pride Alliance as a Tier 4/Advocate Organization.   Please provide us with the information below and someone from our team will be reaching out to you in the coming days to discuss advocate packages with you.

Primary Contact Information

We would like to become a cash advocate We would like to become an in kind advocate
Parade Festival Transpride Event Branding Other

Organization/Business Information

If your organization has multiple departments or locations that participate please format the Organization Name as 'Organization Name - Department'

Name that you want listed in marketing materials.

Information provided will be used in printed materials and by the announcers along the parade route.

Example: www.capitalpride.org

Example: www.facebook.com/CapitalPrideDC

Example: @CapitalPrideDC

Published phone number.

Registration Contact Information

Data Privacy Consent


Saturday, June 13, 2020
Parade Contingent Selection

Your base parade contingent fee covers one (1) of the contingent types below.  Due to space and time restrictions on the parade, we are not able to accommate requests for additional vehicles.  

Organizations can purchase additional participants (marchers) for their parade contingent as an add-on.
Contingents are allowed up to 100 participants. More participants can be added for an additional fee.

Your first five motorcycles are included. More motorcycles can be added for an additional fee.

Contingent Music
We will do our best to spread out contingents who intend to play music and/or perform.  Music can bring more attention to your contingent. The Pride Parade attracts spectators and participants of all ages. Please be considerate of your music and your performance choices.  Capital Pride Alliance reserves the right to have contingents shut off music and/or stop performing if it is deemed derogatory or discriminatory.
*Music is not permitted in the staging area, expect for testing.
*Contingents are NOT allowed to stop the flow of the parade to perform.

Use this section if you would like to provide information about your contingent.


Sunday, June 14, 2020 (Exhibitor Hours: 12pm - 7pm)
Booth Space
Each booth registration includes a tented 10x10 space with one side accessible to the public, one table, and two chairs. Please Note: Only Advocates (Sponsors) at specific levels are permitted to bring a branded tent. Contact us to learn about our Advocate opportunities.

If you would like to request more than two booths, please contact us.

Retail Items
Do you plan on selling merchandise or goods. The following items are prohibited: alcohol, weapons, tobacco, and food and beverage (except food vendors). Refer to terms and conditions for more information.

Premium Placement Upgrade
Premium booth space provides the most visibility and access to the public. All premium spaces are located at the ends of each zone, on the end caps. They include two tented sides that are accessible to the public and an additional 10x10 non-tented space adjacent to your tent space. This provides a perfect opportunity to showcase displays that would draw the public to your space. Please Note: Premium spaces are limited. If you chose more than 2 booths above you can only purchase 2 Premium booths and the other booth will be a regular booth.

Tables and Chairs
Each exhibitor booth includes one table and two chairs. Additional tables and chairs are available for an additional fee. Please Note: We will make every effort to have additional tables and chairs placed in your space upon arrival. If they aren't delivered to your space upon your arrival, please report to the Information Booth to have a volunteer assist you.
- Additional Tables: $25 each
- Additional Chairs: $15 each

Electricity is made available upon request and for an additional fee. Electricity will only be provided to booths located in the center two rows (booth numbers 200s & 300s) only.
- Electricity: $150 p/booth

*Applicable discounts applied at the completion of your application.

Pride Guide Ad


AD Specs and Prices

1/4 Page - $495
Half Page - $840 (Horizontal / Vertical)
Full Page - $1320

*Applicable discounts applied at the completion of your application.


Sunday, June 14, 2020
Placement Options
At the Pride Festival & Concert we provide two food courts for attendees to relax, listen to music, and enjoy the tasty festival fare. Limited spaces are available.
  • Standard Food Booth (10' x 20'): 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM $3,100

We ask all participants to do what they can to support our environment by going green. As a Food Vendor we encourage you to use eco-friendly servicing products. There is a $250 environment fee if you choose to not use eco-friendly serving products.
*Additionally, all trash and cooking oil must be removed off-site by the Food Vendor. 

Premium Space
Standard booth size is (10' x 20'). Available premium spaces provide a prime location for vending, with an additional serving side facing Pennsylvania Ave., plus an additional (10' x 10') space, for an additional fee of $1,250. *Only four premium spaces available.

Tent, Tables and Chairs
Tents, tables and chairs are available for an additional fee.  Please Note: We will make every effort to have tables and chairs placed in your space upon arrival. If they aren't delivered to your space upon your arrival, please report to the Information Booth to have a volunteer assist you.  Tents are 10x10 and each food vendor booth is only allowed one tent.  You are NOT allowed to cook under your tent.)
  • Tent: $200 (Only able to provide one per vendor.)
  • Tables: $25 each
  • Chairs: $15 each

Generators are made available upon request and for an additional fee.
  • 3000 Watt: $300
  • 5000 Watt: $400

Please provide details about the food options you would be providing. This will assist us in ensuring you will not be placed adjacent to another food vendor with similar food and that a variety of options will be offered to festival and concert attendees.


We ask all participants to do what they can to support our environment by going green. Think about what you are passing out in the parade and/or at the festival. To promote this effort Capital Pride is not allowing exhibitors to use plastic bags, unless they are eco-friendly.
We understand that some organizations just starting out may have difficulty raising the funds needed to participate in the annual Pride Parade and/or Festival. Traditionally Capital Pride Alliance has sponsored some of these organizations. To provide further assistance we are excited to provide other community organizations the opportunity make a donation to the Pride Legacy Fund, in support of these organization. These donations will be restricted funds dedicated to the Celebration Participation Grant program.
You are encouraged to become a Pride Partner of the Capital Pride Alliance.  As a Pride Partner your organization will have the opportunity to not only support the annual Pride Celebration here in the nation's capital, but will also be engaged in events and promotional opportunities throughout the year.

A highlight of the benefits include:
  • Priority Pride Festival Booth Selection
  • Listing on Pride Festival Banner and/or Jumbotron
  • Listing with Logo and Organization Profile on Capital Pride Website
  • Listing with Logo and Organization Profile in Official Pride Guide
  • Event Listings in Community Calendar, Pride Celebration Calendar, Website, Pride Guide, Monthly Newsletter & etc.
  • Discounted and/or Free Tickets to select events, including Pride Reveal, Heroes Gala, Holiday Heatwave, and more.
  • Fundraising Opportunities: Festival Bucket Brigade, Group Volunteering, Pride Splash & Ride, and more.
If this package does not suit your needs and would like to identify other ways to increase your involvement beyond just participation in the parade and festival, please contact us, (202) 719-5304 or email, support@capitalpride.org.


Certificate of Insurance Requirement
A Certificate of Insurance is required for all parade and festival registrants.


Participants agree to all of the policies, terms, and conditions outlined and enumerated in the linked documents below. These policies, terms, and conditions may not be altered, edited, amended, or otherwise changed without the express written permission by an authorized representative of Capital Pride Alliance.

Please check that you understand and agree to the following:

Compliance with Policies, Terms, and Conditions

Failure to comply with the policies, terms, and conditions automatically grants Capital Pride Alliance and its authorized agents the right to:

  1. Immediately terminate the participant registration agreement; and
  2. Require the participant, upon notice of violation, to cease operations and vacate the Parade staging area or route and/or the Festival premises; and
  3. Forfeit any and all fees paid to the Capital Pride Alliance for the right and privilege of participating in the Capital Pride Parade and/or Festival.
Payment is required at time of registration to guarantee and confirm your participation.

If you choose to not pay at time of registration, a $30 processing fee will be added to your balance. You will receive an invoice via email and will be able to pay via credit card or mail a check. Payment must be received within 30 days.

If space is still available, registrations received after April 30th must be paid at time of registration via credit card or eCheck.

Contingents are allowed up to 100 participants. More participants can be added for an additional fee.
Parade & Festival Registration Fee Summary


If paying by credit card or e-check, use the billing address associated with your card or bank account.  The billing email address should be the email that you want any receipts or invoices to be sent.

This is the email address we will send an invoice for payment.
You indicated that you are not able to make payment at this time. Please note that your registration will not be accepted and confirmed until payment is received and an additional $30 processing fee will be applied. 

Upon submitting your registration application, you will receive an invoice with payment due within 30 days. If payment is NOT received within 30 days, your application will be cancelled and current discounts will no longer apply. You will be able to submit payment within the 30 days via Credit Card, eCHECK, or by mailing a paper check.

If you receive an error after pressing "submit my registration", please stop the registration process, save your registration form, and visit our Contact Us page on our website to create a support case notating the error.