Dare 2 Share LIVE 2020
Simulcast License Agreement

It is the intent of Dare 2 Share for attendees to have the highest level of experience at “Dare 2 Share LIVE.” Attending the event with a network of other churches is recommended.  This agreement is the first step in registering your youth group/organization to participate in Dare 2 Share LIVE and receive the Church Kit materials.  This is not intended for individuals, but for youth groups or networks.

Church/Organization Address:

Representative Information:


This AGREEMENT establishes the commitment, expectations, and agreement between the Church/Organization (LIVE Participant) and Dare 2 Share Ministries Inc. (D2S).

1)    PROMOTION: All LIVE Participants are encouraged to attend at another participating site or invite others within their community to attend at their location.   All participating groups should purchase a Church Kit to account for their group's attendance and obtain related curriculum and materials. D2S will provide downloadable promotional resources.

2)    TECHNICAL NEEDS: The LIVE Participant should have a dedicated, closed internet connection for the Event. It is not recommended to stream the event over WIFI. It is recommended to use a hard line/Ethernet cable to streaming computer. Recommended bandwidth for streaming is 10 Mbps down.  Adequate video projection and amplification for the size of room/venue being used.

3)    TESTING: D2S, in association with in:ciite Events, will host multiple streaming tests. The LIVE Participant is highly encouraged to test at least one time prior to the event on an offered testing day/time from the location they will be hosting at to ensure internet speeds, picture and sound quality are adequate for the Event.
4)    DAY OF: D2S will provide a high-quality video stream of the entire event. in:ciite Events will make technical support available the day of the Event via phone and email.  Various optional ideas and suggestions will be made available for LIVE Participants to consider implementing in effort to provide an optimal experience for attendees.

5)    REQUIRED ELEMENTS: LIVE Participant agrees to provide an Outreach Experience opportunity for attendees, so that they will be able to engage in Gospel conversations.  Additionally, the LIVE Participant agrees to provide one main point of contact who will act as the “Emcee” for the event and host the attendees in the room during designated segments.  If the LIVE Participant is working with other participants, they are encouraged to collaborate to accomplish requirements. 
6)    FEES: All LIVE Participants will be charged a fee for the license regardless of if they host a site or attend elsewhere.  License fees are not refundable. LIVE Participant agrees not to have any financial registration requirements for attendees or sell registration.  Some scholarships are available.  Please email D2SLive@dare2share.org for more information.
7)    RESTRICTED RIGHTS: The LIVE Participant agrees that it is prohibited to record, reproduce, or distribute the broadcast, or any portions of it, for internal or external use without express written consent from D2S.   LIVE Participant may only live stream the event on Saturday, October 10, 2020, during specified times appropriate to the LIVE Participant's time zone. Other churches/venues in their area may choose to host LIVE, and D2S will not impose geographic radius restrictions.

8)    LIABILITY: The LIVE Participant acknowledges that D2S will provide video based streaming content, promotional materials, curriculum and similar materials.  D2S representatives will not be physically present at the LIVE Participant's site.  LIVE Participant assumes liability for attendees at their location.  Adequate liability insurance and attendee waivers are recommended but not provided by D2S.

9)    STATEMENT OF FAITH: The LIVE Participant agrees to uphold and represent the beliefs outlined in D2S Statement of Faith. All parties involved with D2S LIVE must not communicate regarding the event or to the event attendees in any manner that contradicts D2S Statement of Faith. The D2S Statement of Faith can be found at: www.dare2share.org/about/statement-of-faith/

10)   NEXT STEPS: After submitting this form, LIVE Participant will be redirected to a payment page.  Additional details will be emailed including testing times, Outreach Experience ideas, and other pertinent dates and information (AVAILABLE after February 1, 2020).