Nominate TASS and TASP Applicants

Telluride Association
Use this form to nominate one or more students for our programs.  (You can nominate multiple students with one submission of this form by repeating the "Student" section below.)

Providing your nominees' email addresses will be the fastest way to ensure they receive a link to the online application.  If you are unable to submit email addresses, you may also use home addresses or school addresses, and we will mail a physical copy of the application materials to nominees.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this form or problems submitting it.  If you're nominating a family member, a friend, or yourself—or if you are a Telluride associate—please contact us directly to submit your nomination, rather than using this form.

Your School Name and Address

Your NCES School Code can be found online at: 

If you are unable to locate your school in the search, please enter 0 as the code.

If you corrected your name above, please clear this field. (You might have done this if, for example, you received this form forwarded from a colleague.)

You can nominate multiple students from this form by clicking Add Another Student below.

As our nomination deadline approaches, please provide your students' e-mail addresses if at all possible, especially if you aren't able to give their home addresses. This will help us contact them in a timely fashion.