2020 Enrolment Form


Please note that Aranda Afters has high demand for places, submitting an enrolment form does not guarantee your child(ren) a place.

In preparation for completing this form you will need:
- CRN's for each of your child(ren);
- CRN for the claiming parent; 
- Doctor and Dentist information.
- Medicare numbers
- Authorised contact details (This is not to be a Parent/Carer of the child(ren))

The submission of this form will incur a non-refundable account keeping and membership fee of $25

This fee is non-negotiable and will be charged for every form submitted. Families that are not placed or do not attend Aranda Afters will still be charged this fee for processing. 

This fee provides all families with membership to Aranda Afters Association Incorporated.

Statements are sent via Email on a fortnightly basis

The account keeping and membership fee will be applied to your first email statement in 2020 or within 4 weeks of this form being submitted.

Please ensure that you complete your form accurately, as incomplete forms may impact on your family priority status.  

All incomplete or inaccurate forms will be sent back and accepted from the time of re-submission.

The information on this form will be used by Aranda Afters staff to complete the enrolment of your child(ren) and maintain the health and safety of your child(ren) while they are at Aranda Afters.

Information about the Aranda Afters can be found on our website www.arandaafters.com


Information is obtained to meet the Government regulatory requirements that allow Aranda Afters Association Inc. a licence to operate and to allow Child Care Subsidy to be claimed by families enrolled. Information is stored in a safe and secure place. The information kept will not be communicated with anyone other than:

  • Aranda Afters staff who require the information, to the extent necessary, for the education and care of the child;
  • Medical personnel who require the information for medical treatment of the child;
  • The parent or carer of the child that the records relate to;
  • The Regulatory Authority or any Authorised Officer as requested;
  • As required under law; and
  • Where the parent or carer gives permission in writing for information to be shared.

Children who are enrolled at Aranda Afters, or whose family are seeking a place at the service, will be given Priority of Access in accordance with guidelines that have been established by the Department of Education. 

The priority of access levels are:

Priority 1     A child at risk of serious abuse or neglect

Priority 2     A child of a single parent/carer who satisfies, or of parents/guardians who both satisfy the work/training/study test under Section 14 of the A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999

Please click here for more information 

An individual satisfies the work/training/study test if;

      • The individual has recognised work or work related commitments; and or
      • The individual has recognised training commitments; and or
      • The individual has recognised study commitments 

The individual, while having to meet the above, also has to meet a total of 30 hours or more a fortnight of one or more of these commitments.

Priority 3     Any other child

Within these main priority categories, priority will also be given to:

  • Children in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander families;

  • Children in families which include a disabled person;

  • Children in families which include an individual whose adjusted taxable income does not exceed the lower income threshold, or who or whose partner is on income support;

  • Children in families from a non-English speaking background. (Aranda Afters recognises this as children who are enrolled and receiving support from the Aranda Primary School's 'English as Additional Language or Dialect' (EALD) program);

  • Children in socially isolated families;

  • Children of single parents. 

The following questions will assist Aranda Afters in allocating the correct Priority for your family

Family Situation

For enrolment into Aranda Afters, you are required to provide full copies of parent/court orders relevant to parental contact and powers of responsibility.
Child's Details
No spaces. 10 characters

If you are enrolling in Vacation Care only, you will be required to submit a booking form for your child(ren) indicating the days you wish for them to attend.

Child's Cultural Background:

Child's Medical Information
No spaces. 10 digits - length

Child's Support Requirements 

Please check all boxes relevant to the child 

To Enrol another CHILD please click on the text link to the bottom right of this box.

Primary Contact/Parent Details
No spaces, if you don't have a Centrelink Reference Number, enter '0000000000'.


Aranda Afters will communicate with families via email. Communications include, but are not limited to: 
  • Newsletters;
  • Website updates;
  • Program information and updates;
  • Enrolment Information and updates.

Parent Cultural Background:

To add PARENT 2 to this form please click on the text link to bottom right of this box.

Authorised/Emergency Contact


This list may be added to or changed throughout the year. Your child will not be allowed to leave with any person not in this enrolment form, unless identified by a Primary Contact/Parent in alignment with Aranda Afters Policies.
The Contacts on this list: 

  • Will be required to produce photo identification such as a drivers licence.
  • Must be either aged 16 years and older, or have written permission from the Primary Contact/Parent.

This Authorised contact has permission, in the absence of the Primary contacts to;

To add another AUTHORISED/EMERGENCY CONTACT please click on the text link to the bottom right of this box.


For efficiency and environmental sustainability, accounts and receipts are emailed out to the nominated person(s) email. It is the responsibility of the account holder to ensure that this address is always current. 

Details of person responsible for payment of account:

All other relevant documents, which are required to complete the enrolment process, will need to be provided. These will be requested from you within 3 weeks of your enrolment submission. If these are not provided within the time frame indicated in the request letter, the place will be allocated to the highest ranked family on the waiting list.

Documentation requested at the time of offer includes but is not limited to;
- Court orders