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Welcome to California Service Dog Academy's Application.  Please enter the information below. 

Although you are welcome to submit an application, CSDA has a very long waiting list and is not likely able to provide a dog for you at this time.

General Information

Dog Information
California Service Dog Academy offers the following types of dogs:

1. Service Dog - CSDA Bred: Dogs that are bred in our programs go through a litany of checks and tests to ensure they will have a long a successful career as a service dog for their human companions. CSDA Bred Dogs meet our highest standards and come from linages that we carefully select for temperament and health. As with all ADA compliant service dogs, these dogs are trained to perform tasks for a person with a disability.  

          * These dogs ARE granted full public access under ADA
          * These dogs typically have 500 or more hours of training
          * These dogs have a full cost of $20,000 or more without grants, sponsorships, or other aide. 

 Examples of Service Dogs include the following types; Alert Dogs (Allergy, Medical, Diabetic, etc...), Autism Assistance Dogs,  Mobility Support Dogs, Psychiatric Support Dogs (PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, etc... )

2.Emotional Support Dog (ESD) / Skilled Companion Dog: A skilled companion dog is trained in basic obedience skills and some custom tasks to assist a client with a disability. However, emotional support dogs do not have the proper training to be deemed by our organization to be a service dog and would not be recognized under ADA.

         * These dogs are NOT granted full public access under ADA but some state laws may grant access
         * These dogs typically have less than 500 hours
         * These dogs have a full cost between $5,000 - $10,000 without grants, sponsorships, or other aide.

Your Dog's Information

Emergency Contact Information
Please note that each contact listed will need to provide written evidence that she/he is knowledgeable of your service dog application, they support the process and placement of a service dog and can provide a temporary home for the service dog should an emergency arise.  CSDA may reach out to your contacts to obtain the written evidence and validation of their addition to your contact list. By placing your emergency contacts on this form you are acknowledging that they are supportive of your involvement in this program and agree to provide assistance to you when needed or requested. 
Emergency Contact #1

Emergency Contact #2

Military Affiliation

General Disability Information

Criminal Background Check
California Service Dog Academy conducts background checks on applicants through a third party organization. California Service Dog Academy does not accept applications from individuals with a history of violence against animals or people, including sexually violent crimes or arson. Separate Authorization and Disclosure forms will be sent regarding this background check. If you do not agree to receive information regarding a background check, CSDA may not be able to move forward with processing your application.

By completing this application you understand that you are NOT consenting to a background check to be conducted. Separate Authorization and Disclosure forms must be completed before a background check is conducted. This information is being collected to verify your identity and confirm you are agreeing to receive communications from CSDA regarding undergoing a background check. You are not required to provide this information at this time. 

Required Documentation
The following documents are required to become a part of our Program.

For our Sentinel Dog Program for Veterans, a DD-214 is required to apply. Please ensure your DD-214 has your discharge status listed. The Doctor's recommendation can be provided later upon acceptance if you do not yet have one. For Active Duty Service Members ONLY, please upload a copy of your valid Military ID instead of your DD-214. 

**A template form to give to your Doctor can be downloaded HERE
Required Documentation
The following documents are required to become a part of our Program. 

For our CARE Dog Program for Civilians, a Doctor's recommendation and one letter of reference from a family member or friend is required. The Doctor's recommendation is required at the time of application. 

**A template form to give to your Doctor can be downloaded HERE

Thank you!

Thank you for completing your application.  Once you click submit you will receive an emailed version of your application with direction on how to edit your application at any time.

Should you wish to withdraw from the application process please call us at 866-382-9917 or email us at