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Thank you for your interest in sharing your time and talents with CAN! There are many ways individuals support CAN's mission. This application will help us match your interests and availability with the volunteer opportunities needed in the CAN communities. 

Let's get started! 
Step 1: COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement
At Community Action Network (CAN), our mission is to partner with under-resourced families so they can thrive. A large component of this is ensuring we are doing everything in within our power to protect the vulnerable populations who are the most susceptible to the devastating effects of this virus.

Some ways we work together to prevent the incubation and spread of COVID-19 and its variants are by wearing masks and requiring vaccinations. The vaccine is safe, effective, and remains the best tool in preventing severe illness, hospitalizations, and death.

For staff, interns, and volunteers who partner with CAN and CAN's families, the COVID-19 vaccine & eligible boosters are required. 

Please review CAN's COVID-19 Response Plan and contact if you have any questions.
CAN Definitions
  • Fully Vaccinated = Completed initial vaccine series + current eligible boosters

  • Partially Vaccinated = Some amount of vaccine completion, but not current eligible boosters

  • Not Vaccinated = Has not completed the initial vaccine series nor the boosters
Please review this website to check if you are up to date on the COVID-19 vaccine series and eligible boosters:

If you would like to volunteer as a large group (5+), please view our Large Group Volunteer Application.
Step 2: CAN Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities:

To learn more about our available opportunities, please select the box next to each opportunity type below.

At the bottom of each description is a check-box to select if you are interested in participating in that type specific opportunity.

Working with Children & Youth in CAN's Educational Programs
Opportunity 1 of 2- After School Program Mentor

This is a good fit for someone looking to be a strong role model for children in K-12 grades during our After School Programs. 

After School Program Mentors build meaningful, supportive relationships, help implement CAN's educational curriculum, encourage children's healthy social-emotional skill development, provide academic/homework support, and cultivate an environment honoring inclusion, flexibility, and collaboration. Mentors receive pre-volunteering training and ongoing support/check-ins from team members.


  • A minimum of 2-3 hours a week, consistent weekly schedule per semester.
  • After School Program operates Monday-Thursday, typically between 3-6pm (may vary by site), September-May.

Opportunity 2 of 2- After School Program Enrichment Support
This is a good fit for someone who wants to attend a portion of the After School Program to provide activities that enrich the robust curriculum already provided to children in CAN’s educational programs. Examples include reading literacy, naturalist activities, general homework help/tutoring, art, and other talents you may want to share with youth.

Commitment: Depends on volunteer availability and CAN community need.

Working with Family Stabilization in CAN's Food Distributions and Pantries
Food Distribution Partner

This is a good opportunity for someone interested in supporting food security and family stabilization efforts. Food distribution partners help with unloading the food truck, inspecting and organization food, making bags of food, and distributing food to community members.

Food distribution partners receive pre-volunteering training and ongoing support/check-ins from team members.

Commitment: Typically a consistent schedule for a semester or beyond. There may be some flexibility based on the opportunities currently available. Please contact with specific questions.

Working on General Community Projects

Volunteers who partner with CAN come with a large range of interests and abilities. 


Some examples of ways volunteers have partnered with CAN in the past include: 

  • Trash pick up/Community clean-up

  • Collecting new school supplies for CAN students (to be passed out at the end of August Back-to-School BBQs)

  • Working with CAN families to prepare community gardens for winter or spring and/or general landscaping around the community centers

  • Deep cleaning CAN community centers 

  • Painting community center walls (touch-ups or repainting entire rooms)

  • Community clean-up days/trash pick-up events

  • Collecting food for CAN's emergency food pantries

  • Host an enrichment activity during summer or after-school programs (former activities have included educational meals/snacks, holiday parties, informational activities regarding safe use of over-the-counter medication, etc.)

  • Assisting with renovation or center updates (including furniture assembling or dissembling, which requires some mechanical/tool know-how)

Step 3: Volunteer Availability & Site Preference
Map of CAN Community Centers
Availability For Working With Children & Youth
Please indicate your CAN location preferences: 
Arrowwood Hills Brick Bryant Creekside Court Green Baxter Court Hikone
Please indicate your available day(s) of the week (during After School Program): 
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Availability For Working With Food Distributions & Pantries
Please indicate what food program opportunity you prefer based on your availability:
Arrowwood Hills; 2nd Friday, 8:30-12:30 Brick: Every Thurs, 9-12:30 Bryant OPTION 1: Mon, Wed, or Thurs 9-12 Bryant OPTION 2: Mon, Wed, or Thurs 11-2 Creekside Court: 2nd, 4th, 5th Weds 12:30-3 Green Baxter Court: Every other Wed. 12:30-3 Hikone: Every other Wed. 12:30-3
Availability For General Community Projects
Please provide your general availability to participate in these projects below: 
Weekday Morning Weekday Afternoon Weekday Evening Weekend Morning Weekend Afternoon

Step 4: Volunteer Information


Include Apartment or Unit Number separated by a comma

Where do you work or go to school?

Group Affiliation?

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Once this form is submitted, CAN's Director of Volunteers will be in touch to discuss the details of how you can get involved with Community Action Network's programs and services.