Thank you for your interest in ownership of affordable/attainable housing offered by Park City Municipal Corporation (PCMC). A preapplication must be submitted to be added to the post-lottery waitlist. Any preapplications received after December 6, 2019 will be placed at the bottom of a master waitlist in the order received to be considered for future sales opportunities. With submission of a completed preapplication and signature of the Indemnification and Waiver attachment, your preapplication will be eligible for consideration in the application and selection process.
Important Note

Submission of this preapplication form does not qualify you to purchase an affordable/attainable home. It is intended to qualify households to participate in a selection process. After the preapplication review process is completed in December, eligible preapplicants will be asked to submit an application in order to verify their household qualifications and eligibility prior to purchase.
  1. Complete and submit a preapplication (this form).
  2. Preapplications will be evaluated to determine eligibility into a selection process, and eligible parties will be contacted to complete and submit an application.
  3. If selected, you will be required to submit an application including documentation of all representations made in this preapplication. This will include: tax returns, employment verification, documentation of assets and liabilities, bank statements, investment statements, homebuyer education certificate, divorce decree, alimony, or child support order, and proof of qualification for a mortgage loan. These documents cane take time to compile so please have PDF copies prepared prior to your selection.
  4. An application submission deadline will be included in the invitation to apply. It is important to meet this deadline and to submit any additional documents requested as quickly as possible or risk being added back to the waitlist.
  5. After applications are received and reviewed, applications will be matched with a unit or placed back on the waitlist.
General Eligibility Requirements for Homeownership

Household Income Limitation - For affordable housing, a household's income cannot exceed 80% of the area median income (AMI). For attainable housing, a household's total income cannot exceed 150% AMI. An AMI chart can be found at parkcityhousing.org.

No ownership of real estate - A household cannot own other real property (if applicant owns property, it must be sold before closing on the Deed Restricted home and the equity will count as part of net worth).

Net-Worth Limitations - The combined net worth for all household members, eighteen years of age or older, cannot exceed four times the AMI for the household size.

Workforce Eligibility - 
  1. Be a full-time employee (30 hours or more of employment per week) of an entity or entities located within the Park City School District boundaries for a minimum of 24 months prior to application or;
  2. An owner of a business or entity with a primary place of business within the Park City School District boundaries (If self-employed, must demonstrate that 75% of business is located in Park City) for a minimum of 24 months prior to application or;
  3. A retired person who was a full-time employee of an entity located within the Park City School District boundaries for at least two continuous years proceeding retirement, and continued living as a full time resident within the Park City School District boundaries following his/her retirement or;
  4. A person who is unable to work or does not have a work history required under subsections (1) through (3) due to a qualifying disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Other requirements - All qualified Applicants must be able to qualify for a sufficient mortgage without a co-signer. Gifts of up to 30% of the sale price are allowed in the purchase, but the gift will be counted as part of the household's net worth.


Thank you for reviewing the information on the intro page. Here we will collect the needed information to determine your eligibility.

Please provide the contact information for the head of household or primary contact.

Indemnification and Waiver

Head of Household

Second Household Applicant

Third Household Applicant

Fourth Household Applicant