2020 Spring Saturday Upstart Crows Enrollment

Bay Area Shakespeare Camp
** For Ages 12-18 Only **
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Saturday Upstart Crows




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Pay by Check
Please make out check to San Francisco Shakespeare Festival and mail to:

San Francisco Shakespeare Festival 
PO Box 460937
San Francisco, CA 94146-0937

Enrollment is not final until full payment is received. 

Terms of Service

1.       Behavior Policy

Students participating in the Bay Area Shakespeare Camps are expected to meet the same standards of behavior as are required in their regular home/school setting. Minor behavioral infractions will be dealt with as follows: first infraction: a warning; second infraction = strike one: a time-out with the camp manager and parents informed; third infraction = strike two: the manager or camp director contacts parents again; fourth infraction = strike three: dismissal from camp without a refund. Major infractions will result in immediate dismissal from camp without a refund.

2.       Late Pickup Policy

Please pick up your child no later than 3:15 P.M. on regular Saturdays, or you will be charged a $35 late-pickup fee.

3.       Photo Release

By agreeing to these terms, you give permission to have photographs and/or video taken of your child during camp, and to use any such photos/video for promotional purposes.