Nominate a STEM Teacher Leader for the 100Kin10 Teacher Forum!

We know that teacher voice and perspective are vital to achieving our vision of all kids experiencing the joy and wonder of a great STEM education. That’s why we launched the 100Kin10 Teacher Forum to hear directly from the experts who are “on the ground” in classrooms working with students every day.

We’re looking for leading STEM teachers to join the 2020 Teacher Forum. Through it, they’ll be the network’s collective eyes and ears, bringing to the surface the ideas, observations, and insights that STEM teachers are experiencing daily. Learn more about the nuts and bolts of the Teacher Forum here

Nominate up to three teacher leaders for the 2020 Teacher Forum by December 13th.

Questions? Email Pomai Verzon at pomai@100Kin10.org.

Nomination 1

Nomination 2

Nomination 3

Thank you for nominating! We will email the teacher(s) the application link in early December.