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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award USA works with foundations and corporations to provide young people in need financial assistance that will allow them to fully participate in the Award without economic barriers.  Financial assistance is available as funds are available and it is not guaranteed. 

Eligibility for Need-Based Financial Assistance:


      Financial assistance is currently only available to support Participants from low-income households and/or who have high financial barriers, who would not otherwise be able to take part in the Award. Low-income is defined as households that qualify for free- and reduced-rate lunches within public schools, are Pell-grant eligible, and/or have a household income at 150% of the federal poverty level. By submitting an application, your family qualifies as low income. 


Requirements for Funds:


          Applications are considered on a rolling basis. For Award Centers, be sure to include the names of all eligible low income Participants in your request. To ensure that financial aid funds can be distributed to as many low income participants as needed, we encourage them to please consider the most cost-effective options for their activities, and to select activities with reasonable cost. We will not be able to accommodate activities that require expensive equipment as part of the financial aid offer. When possible, we hope that participants can rent or borrow expensive equipment in order to preserve funds for other low income participants.

·      Financial Assistance will be awarded for the following types of activities for Participants:

  • Payment of the Participant Registration Fee  
  • Activities and/or equipment to fulfill a Participant’s skill, service, physical recreation, and Adventurous Journey section not to exceed $300 total
  • Training fees for adult volunteers or staff as Award Coordinators and Award Center Adventurous Journey Supervisors if they serve low-income, economically disadvantaged young people. This is not available for independent AJ Supervisors Assessors


Award Center/Participant Profile

Target Number of Enrollment for The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award USA Participation
Number of Target Award Participants

Documentation for Financial Assistance Requested

Narrative on Need for Financial Assistance

Number of Participants Cost Paid by Participants and/or your Award Unit Amount of Financial Assistance Requested Total Cost
Bronze Fee ($100 per Participant)
Silver Fee ($125 per Participant)
Gold Fee ($150 per Participant)
Approx. Adventurous Journey Costs
Approx. Gold Residential Project costs
Award Adult Volunteer/Staff Training Fees
Accommodations and/or Transportation expenses for Award Adult Volunteers/Staff

Financial Assistance Agreement: