J-1 Visiting Teacher - Application

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IMPORTANT: Please check the qualifications here to make sure that you are eligible to participate in the program. Completing this form will take some time and you will need to attach several different documents. If you need to save this form and finish it later, you may do that by clicking on the box above and entering an email address and password.


It is really important that you enter your PASSPORT NUMBER for this application to process correctly.  If you do not have a passport, please enter your last name with no spaces in this field.

International Contact Information
If you are selected, this is where the DS2019 will be mailed. Please ensure that the address is accurate.

Emergency Contact Information

If your emergency contact doesn't have an email address, please leave this field blank.
United States Contact Information
Please complete the US Residential information if you have it. If you are selected, we will need it when you arrive in the United States

Social Contact Information


Required Documents

When you come to the US as an exchange visitor, we are required to collect several documents for your file, including:  
  1. proof of English competency, 

  2. one letter of recommendation from a supervisor, 

  3. one letter of recommendation from a colleague, and 

  4. if you are not currently working as a teacher in your home country, a letter from a head of school that would be willing to partner with you in a cultural exchange activity (the school must include the same grade as the grade level you will be teaching in the US).  

IF YOU ARE WORKING WITH AN AGENCY THAT IS COLLECTING THIS INFORMATION, PLEASE CHECK THE BOX BELOW AND YOU DON'T NEED TO COMPLETE THE OTHER SECTIONS.  If you are not working with an agency, or your agency didn't collect these documents, please complete the fields below.

Supervisor Reference

Colleague Reference

Cultural Activity  

Other Requirements

School Information
If you already have a job offer in the US, please fill out this section with information about the school where you will be teaching.

Your Sagamore Teacher ID
We need to establish an ID for you to use when you fill out future forms.  The ID will be the first three letters of your last name plus your date of birth in this format MMDDYYYY.  The result will be an 11 digit alphanumeric ID number that is unique to you.  Please fill out the first two questions in this section.  The ID will be calculated for you.  Please remember this ID for future use.