Engaged Research Grant 2020

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Engaged Research Grants incentivize undergraduate participation in faculty- and staff-led research that strengthens the well-being of communities. Community-engaged research occurs in collaboration with a community partner who is involved throughout the research process. It also
  • addresses a specific need, problem or common concern of that partner
  • includes documented critical reflection for undergraduates involved in the research

The Engaged Research Grants are new in 2020. They combine what was previously known as the Faculty Research Grants on Engagement and the Engaged Undergraduate Research Grants. For more information, see the Engaged Research Grants (right click to open in new tab) page on the Engaged Cornell website.

engagedcornell@cornell.edu if you have any questions.


Provide list of all known faculty/staff team members below. Applications that involve multiple researchers/scholars, junior faculty participants and/or collaboration across units are encouraged.



Provide list of all known community partner(s). Attach letter of collaboration from each community
partner(s) describing the role that the partner(s) expects to play in the collaboration, expected benefits and how they will interact with students.
An opportunity to upload 
letter(s) of collaboration from the community partner(s) is provided below. 


Please include:
  • Specific aims for the project, along with long term goals and desired learning outcomes and level of achievement
  • Approaches and methods that will address these aims Approaches and methods that will address these aims
  • How the initiative expands the opportunities for community-engaged learning/research, within specified undergraduate populations
  • Target student population (class year(s), major(s)) and number of students anticipated for inclusion in the proposed program
  • Role the partner(s) play(s) in the research, the proposed role of partner(s) in the student research experience and the expected benefit to the community(ies) and/or partner(s)
  • Description of programs, trainings, workshops or courses that prepare team members (including undergraduates and community partners) for community-engaged research
  • Rationale for the configuration of the team, including roles of members
  • Plan for publishing and disseminating research, with specific expectations for students and community stakeholders to present or publish findings/scholarship (not required for Public Impact Research Grant)
  • Plans for sustaining the community-engagement opportunity for students beyond any single cohort of students and beyond the period of the funding support, as appropriate


Contact engagedcornell@cornell.edu with any questions.