Access to Salesforce for an Employee
If you are submitting a request to add a new user to Salesforce, please select "New Employee Salesforce Access" in the Request Details field. Otherwise, please ignore this message.

IT Issues for which you CAN contact DTS directly at dts.utah.gov:
  • Network Access
  • Free software install
  • Hardware repairs
  • Network issues
  • Password resets for UMD (Utah-Id), PGP, and computer/being locked out of these systems
For everything else, please log a Hazel case.

You do not have to provide the due date if you are okay with your case being worked on in the order it was received. If there is an actual, hard deadline, then please enter it in the Due Date field. Thank you!
Hardware and/or Software Purchase Information
Hardware. Items listed in the table row titled "Optional-DTS/No Exception Needed" in this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G0BGUYc7yxlWNBeoHykQVksq-gIOLCaX6nChISIQmVQ/edit should be purchased by divisions directly (without going through DTS, Hazel, or anyone at Admin). Please remember that for purchases over $100, you will need to create a Purchase Request in Salesforce.

Please submit a Hazel request for items from the same document listed in the rows titled "Gray Area" and "DTS."  

Software. Select "Software Purchase" in the "Nature of Request" field if you would like to acquire software that's not free. If you would like to perform a download of free software, please put in a ticket directly with the DTS at dts.utah.gov

If you have questions about hardware and software purchases, please contact Nelson Knight at nwknight@utah.gov or 801-245-7244.

Please enter YOUR first name, last name, and email - NOT the first name, last name, and email of the person you are nominating.

If you are logging this issue for someone else: this is your first name, not his/hers

If you are logging this issue for someone else: this is your last name, not his/hers

*****PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THIS FIELD DOESN'T GET AUTO-POPULATED WITH YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS SAVED IN YOUR BROWSER'S AUTO-FILL SETTINGS.***** And if you are logging this issue for someone else, this is your work email, not theirs. 

Please enter, separated by commas, emails of any other employees who would need to be copied on emails related to this request.

Hardware and Software

DHA Admin encourages all employees to have a laptop to facilitate off site meetings and telecommuting possibilities. Should you want to request a desktop, please provide a brief justification.

For new employees only

Adobe Creative Cloud software requires a separate Hazel case and justification

Please explain the reasons behind the purchases: why they are needed, important, etc.
Employee Information

Employee first and last name

The EID of the employee for whom the request is being made.
Additional Employee Information

Job title of the employee for whom the request is being made

Who is the direct supervisor of the employee form whom the request is being made?

When does the new employee start their new job?
If you are requesting to create a new Salesforce user, please provide the following information for this user:

Employees for whom this new employee will be their direct supervisor

If this user will be granting approvals, e.g., for travel or purchase requests, who should be their delegated approver (person granting approvals in this user's place when this user is out of office)? Please note that the Salesforce admin would still have to be informed of when this temporary delegation of approval responsibilities happens, in order to make additional changes in Salesforce.

What is your best estimate of how frequently this employee will be logging into Salesforce?

Any employee(s), current or past, who have/had Salesforce needs similar to those of this new user

In the Description field, please tell us why you are nominating this person.

Please describe the steps you took to resolve the issue yourself.

We are asking this question because the answer will help us design the optimal solution.

Attach files (e.g., screenshots) here if applicable. Combined size of all attachments cannot exceed 20 MB. To send any files that may take you over the limit, please use email. We realize that's inconvenient, and we apologize!

Thank You!