2020 WSNC Presenter Proposal

The Washington State Nonprofit Conference strengthens the nonprofit sector in Washington by bringing together nonprofit leaders to learn, connect, inspire and be inspired. Washington Nonprofits manages the conference with the support of many partners, advisors, and sponsors.


In 2020, we celebrate the power of participation. These theme covers many topics, from the impact of participation (philanthropy, advocacy, civic engagement) to the art of participation (leadership, facilitation, community building) to the practice of participation (boards, equity, technology, HR, leadership succession). 


We are seeking to present a conference that serves both new and seasoned nonprofit leaders. The Conference is guided by the following values:

  • Stories from the field:  Learning from the lived experiences of nonprofit leaders across Washington State.  We are committed to hearing from practitioners and providing more opportunities for attendees to learn from each other and problem-solve together.

  • Increasing equity:  Building commitment to and action for equity within our organizations and our communities.

  • Staying current:  Opportunities to engage with current events and strategies for leading in uncertain times.  

We invite you to put forward the topic and approach you feel nonprofits most need to hear and wrestle with today. We are particularly interested in hearing voices from across Washington. If you are a consultant, we encourage to you include the voices of nonprofit staff or other practitioners in your presentation. 

Please contact us at info@washingtonnonprofits.org or (855) 299-2922 x 108 if you have any questions. We're here to help.

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We want to know what people will leave with after attending your presentation. Examples: "You will leave ready to define to others what success looks like for your organization;" or "You will be able to identify one way your organization can be more sustainable."
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Storytelling to Build Relationships

Presenter, Organization


Workshop Description: Everyone wants to engage their staff, boards and donors. We all search for ways to bring people together into a shared vision and entice them into action. Personal stories used in a business context can be a powerful tool to build relationships and motivate people to act. Learn how your stories can engage your constituencies and practice structures and presentation techniques to make you a more dynamic leader.


Intended Audience: Anyone who is in a position of leadership or management who wants to create a more compelling message. New leaders, emerging leaders.



How to Craft a Winning Online Fundraising Plan

Presenter, Organization


Workshop Description: The online fundraising landscape is constantly evolving. While engagement strategies and donation processes may change, online giving is here to stay. Come explore the essential elements of an online fundraising plan. Learn how to create or update your existing plan and incorporate it into your annual giving strategy. Topics will include donation pages, metrics, social media, email, mobile, and more. Walk through each aspect of an effective plan while you assess your own fundraising efforts.


Intended Audience: Experienced nonprofit staff and development leaders intersted in advancing your digital fundraising efforts.



When Your Normal is My Trigger: Working Successfully Across Multiple Generations in the Workplace and the Link to White Privilege

Presenter 1 & Presenter 2, Organizations


Workshop Description: Your organization, board, volunteers, and funders represent a wide diversity of generations working together. Leading in today’s workplace means we must improve at attracting, motivating, retaining, and refereeing across differences. Using the backdrop of Generational Understanding and Predictable Triggers, we will re-frame communication across differences. We will also engage in actionable conversations across other lines of difference, such as privilege and systemic racism. 


Intended Audience: Experienced leaders in any position and from any sector.


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Washington Nonprofits requests demographic information of presenters and participants to help us measure our progress in including communities of color in our work. Thank you for helping us gather this information.