Flying Arts Exhibitions Expression of Interest

Please complete the below form to submit an Expression of Interest for one of Flying Arts Alliance's current touring exhibitions. If you like to discuss Flying Arts Touring Exhibition Program, including potential dates of availability, please contact Flying Arts office on 07 3216 1322 or email
Exhibition Expression of Interest Contact Details

Below you will find a section where you can nominate separate venue and delivery addresses to your organisations address listed here.You are also able to nominate a primary contact for this exhibition or a secondary person to get in touch with should you be unavailable.
Tentative Exhibition and Preferred Dates

The Date which the exhibition arrives at your venue

The Date you intend to install the Exhibition

Enter as 12 hour time with lower case am or pm after see example in field

The date you intend to demount the exhibition

The Date which you plan to have the exhibition collected from your venue

Please enter any other opening and closing dates that you would be interested in should your above dates not be available

Exhibition Venue and Primary Contact Details

Essential Requirements
The following essential requirements must be met in order to be considered for a booking of this tour. If any of the below items cannot be met please provide details in the comment section below.

Exhibiting Venue/Host must have:
  1. Appropriate gallery/exhibition space to show the exhibition
  2. Experience staff to handle and install the exhibition
  3. Supervision of the exhibition during opening hours
  4. Appropriate marketing support to promote the exhibition
  5. Insurance to cover the exhibition whilst the artwork is at the venue
  6. Commitment to staging a public exhibition launch
  7. Ability to document the public exhibition launch and collect visitor statistic to submit with final report.
  8. Ability to complete payment of the Touring Exhibition Fee ($2300 + GST - includes freight)