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The form below is used to better help employers, job seekers, and future apprentices submit their information and questions to AJAC. You can also submit a general inquiry using this form.

Manufacturing Academy Students: If you would like to enroll in the Manufacturing Academy, please select “Manufacturing  Academy (Pre-Apprenticeship).”

AMP Training: If you would like to enroll in the two-day Advanced Manufacturing Prep (AMP) Training, please select “AMP Training.”

Adult Apprenticeship: If you would like to submit your information on launching your career as an AJAC apprentice, please select “Adult Apprenticeship Program.”

Youth Apprenticeship:  If you are a high school student and would like to learn more about AJAC’s Youth Apprenticeship program, please follow this link: 

 AJAC Youth Apprenticeship Web Page

Employers: If you are an employer looking to partner with AJAC or learn more about our pre-apprenticeship, youth apprenticeship, or adult apprenticeship program, please select “I Am An Employer.”

General Inquiry: If you have a general question, please select “Other Inquiry.”

How to Launch Your Career with an AJAC Apprenticeship

1.     All of AJAC’s apprenticeship programs are only available to individuals working in the industry for one of our participating employers(Training Agents). You must be hired and working for one of those companies before you are eligible to enroll in AJAC’s apprenticeship program.

2.     Ask the company to recommend you for the apprenticeship

3.     Meet the minimum qualifications and register for the apprenticeship

Only current employees of our participating companies (registered AJAC Training Agents) are eligible for our apprenticeship program. Please check out the list of aerospace and advanced manufacturing employers who we work with and visit their websites to view any job opportunities and apply. You have to apply directly with the employer and notify him/her that you are interested in an apprenticeship program with AJAC.

AJAC can provide additional opportunities to find training programs, making you a more competitive applicant. Please note: Submitting your information to AJAC for review will NOT register you for the apprenticeship. AJAC is NOT an employment agency or referral service and is NOT the hiring employer.

To Submit your Information for AJAC to Review, Start Here: 

Contact Information

It is very important that you enter your e-mail address correctly, because it is one of the ways AJAC and/or potential employers will communicate with you regarding your submitted information.

Your answer will enable AJAC staff to coordinate resources to better support you in the program, and will not affect your ability to participate.

Optional Information

The following information is optional, but helps AJAC to increase training and educational opportunities for applicants. Your answers to these questions will not affect your entry into the advanced manufacturing apprenticeship.

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Questions? Please contact us via email or 206-764-7940.

Questions? Please contact us via email or 206-764-7940.