Expedition to Benefit Children of the Fallen 2020 Application

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We are very excited to invite you to be a part of the 2020 No Barriers Youth - Expedition to Benefit Children of the Fallen. This youth program invites children of fallen service members and first responders to carry on the legacy of their loved ones as they experience the transformational power of rafting down the San Juan River. We look forward to receiving your application and providing you with opportunities to unite adversities, embrace vulnerability and harness barriers to embrace the No Barriers mindset.

Thanks to generous support from a few key sponsors, a scholarship is awarded based on three criteria: merit, leadership potential and desire to make the most of this unique opportunity. All information provided is confidential. We welcome participants of all abilities and backgrounds to complete this application. We believe that travel should be accessible to all youth who desire to explore our world.

Before completing the application below, please read our Children of the Fallen Webpage for specifics on Program Dates and Location.

You (the student) will receive a confirmation message upon submission of your application. You can save your progress and resume later, but we will not consider your application as completed until it is officially submitted. Call (970) 484-3633 or email youth@nobarriersusa.org with questions.

Final Application Deadline: March 1 2020. 

Priority will be given to those applications received by the early deadline. All components are due by 5 pm MT.

NOTE: All fields with a red asterisk (*) are REQUIRED.
Criteria for Selection    
Merit: We will consider the following components of this scholarship application: GPA and short essay answers.
Leadership Potential: We will give highest priority to thoughtful, well-written short essay answers that demonstrate leadership potential and a desire for positive personal growth.
Desire to get the most out of this unique opportunity: This scholarships aims to give children of fallen service members the ability to carry on the legacy of their loved ones. This is not a therapy experience and is best suited for youth who are in a good place to embrace this opportunity, challenge themselves and create community. Thoughtful replies to essay questions will be evaluated to fulfill this criterion.
Application Checklist   
1) Online Application Form (you're doing that now!)
2) Two Referral Forms (Available Here)

Please contact youth@nobarriersusa.org if you, your legal guardian, or either of your references require a physical version of any of these forms.

Tell Us About Yourself!


Priority will be given to those who have not previously participated in a No Barriers program.

Applicant Ethnic Identity
This information is gathered for research purposes only. No Barriers does not select program participants based on ethnicity.  

Personal Experience and Background Info
The No Barriers Youth - Expedition to Benefit Children of the Fallen is designed for adventurous participants! We suggest participants prepare both physically and mentally in order to get the most out of the experience. While the hikes and activities are not overly physically demanding, the heat and humidity can be taxing for some travelers. We expect students to come ready to be active for many hours of the day! Although you do not have to know how to swim, you should feel comfortable being in and around water. We will do a lot of work prior to travel to ensure you are prepared, but we would like to get a gauge on your background to ensure the health and safety of the entire team selected. Please call us for more details and discuss any concerns with your physician and/or school medical professional.


Legal Guardian Contact Information

Short Answer Questions
Please respond to the following six questions. We will give highest priority to thoughtful, well-written responses that demonstrate leadership potential.It is always a good idea to have someone you trust edit your answers for grammar and quality of thought. This should be YOUR work, but please do have someone edit your work.

3. We are looking to support participants who have a desire for personal positive growth and a desire to share that growth with their local community. Please provide at least one example of EACH of the following: (Max 200 words)

Personal Commitment